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Reality Check: A Rose Ceremony Won’t Make You Happy

Perhaps its deja vu, or maybe I’m just realllllly fed up with this subject, but this post (mostly rant) feels all too familiar to me.  I apologize if I’m boring you with redundancies.

WTF is up with The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise???  I get it, these people crave 15 minutes of fame and the chance to be seen on the arm of a hottie (not in all cases so hot), but COME ON.  Admittedly, I am a die-hard fan of trash mags.  I love them and the normalcy that strikes me when reading about all the Hollywood drama.  However, lately I find it almost painful to give into the shiny, glossy lure. And all because of one OVER DONE topic:


UCK! Typing her name conjurs a teensy bit of vom.  #1 have you SEEN her? (I’m sorry, its not very ‘southern’ charming to be rude, but I’m conflicted by my natural tendency to be honest *bless her heart* (in the South if you say that before or after a jab, you’re covered) hehe), #2 do we care? #3 are we surprised?? only like 1 couple out of 400 have even remotely stayed together #4 legit, have you SEEN her?  (sorry, I’ll move on).  I mean we all knew it was going to end.  Didn’t we move on to watch that Ali girl he rejected ‘find her own rose lover?’   As if that isn’t enough, we have to be tortured with that ex Hooter’s biotch clogging up our gossip rags and blogs! No one cares, go home, go back to Hooter’s, I don’t care—just stop hogging my guilty pleasure with your tragic love FAIL of ‘he wouldn’t sleep with me’ and other yadda yadda I don’t give a sh*t sob stories.  Seriously, you’re not cute (sorry, I know I promised, it slipped) and from what I read you have no real personality so why in the world would you think I would care.  Also, you went on a reality show on live television looking for love.  Who’s the fool now.

I thought so. So take that Vie–what was her name again??


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Tis’ the season for giving from the heart…OR from cyber space

Since I’ve been an “adult” and able to sustain on more than Raman, I’ve enjoyed adopting an angel from the Angel Tree every year.  Its a nice way to give back to someone who might not otherwise have a Christmas morning.  And because you are actually handling the shopping yourself, you are able to make sure they are well-stocked with clothing and of course have a few toys to enjoy on Christmas morning.

This year, I had a bit of trouble locating an actual Angel Tree to take an angel and shop for.  Granted, most of the time I am able to find these easily in suburban malls…but if you’ve ever been to NYC, you know that those are not really readily accessible.  So a few weeks ago when I started my search, I started to panic a bit because it was not as easy as I thought.

And then I found the JC Penney Online Angel Tree — (

This is an amazing and VERY EASY way to help out this season.  You can do all of your shopping online, in just a few minutes.  Information on your Angel is readily available, and they will ship it (FOR FREE) directly to a local Salvation Army near you (be sure to include your Angel’s ID so that all your gifts get to the correct child). AND, they even give you a promo code to receive a discount.

If you have 10 free minutes, and anything to spare this holiday season, check it out and please give someone a happy Christmas morning if you can.  I grew up with many blessed, exciting and warm/cozy holiday mornings, and what a great thing to share that with just one child if we can.

Happy Christmakkuh all!



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Because The “More Fat Than McDonald’s Could Even Begin to Imagine” Factory just doesn’t have the same ring…

Warning: If you delight in the indulgence of a delectable piece of creamy dessert from the Cheesecake Factory, you may want to avert your eyes because this is gonna hurt…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but holy crap, I found the most shocking website yesterday and just had to share for fear of being held accountable for all the clogged arteries bound to accrue from ignorance. So consider yourself warned!


Potential Results of Gorging Regularly on Cheesecake Factory

McDonald’s has NOTHING on The Cheesecake Factory!!!  The web site below provides hard copy scans (apparently CF is reluctant to provide calorie info, and after reading it who can blame them?) of the calorie, fat, sodium and carb contents of their entire menu.  Ugh, even many of their SALADS have nearly an entire day’s worth of calories! And if you’re a pasta fan, get ready to fast a day-and-a-half after eating the 2300 calorie Pasta Carbonara w/ Chicken….either that or prepare to run that 10 miler the day after!

Don’t get me wrong, I try to eat healthy, but I also have a MASSIVE sweet-tooth and love to indulge it from time-to-time.   But I’m just not sure if even the Chocolate Tuxedo Creme Cheesecake, which I recently partook in a couple of weeks ago, is worth the 934 calories that is now attached to my ass.  Suddenly a Skinny Cow Sandwich seems incredibly appealing…

Cheesecake Factory Calories

p.s. The Calorie Lab also provides estimates of how many calories you burn during daily activities, both exercise and day-to-day stuff.  I must say, I thought the sexual activity calculation would be a tad higher…. Calorie Counter

~DC Darlin’

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Rue La La La lalalalala….

I’m a shopper. I like to consider myself a ‘splaver,’ meaning I’m tempted by the deal, not the product. Example: Oooo this crappy blue dolphin sculpture retails at $1000 but is totally on sale for $150, it’s a must have! Okay that’s extreme, but you get the idea.  However, I would like to take a moment to rave about the most amazing, shoptastic discount site I’ve met in a while:

Rue La La

Check it out! Great boutiques open everyday at 11:00AM EDT sharp and you have roughly 3 days to shop the boutique before it closes. But word from the wise, if you’re serious about an item, you need to purchase when the boutique first opens because quantities are limited.  Myself and my friends have discovered several steals, so take a moment and check it out!


Also check out these other cool sites:


Shop it to me

Who says fashion can’t be a bargain! Enjoy and happy visa and mastercarding. 😉

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Oh the Life and Times of the ‘Burbs

If you’re from DC and haven’t seen this yet, you obviously have dial-up.  If you’re not from DC, I wanna hear your input…do folks in other cities have odes to city neighborhood life?  If not, this should inspire you to get those creative juices flowin’…

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I still can’t figure out what’s funny about it, but I love it just the same


Funny Farm

I’d like to introduce you to my new obsession.  It’s called Funny Farm, and it is quite possibly the most addicting and equally frustrating game you’ll ever play. It’s a giant word puzzle that begins with the term “On the Farm” (hence the name I suppose…at least the “Farm” part).  As you guess more words and terms, you begin to open more areas of the puzzle containing different topics.  This game is great to play with friends…in fact, it’s encouraged.  So send this blog to a couple of your friends and let the fun begin!

p.s. Word from the wise: if you hope to do even the slightest amount of work on the job, I suggest waiting until you get home to play Funny Farm…it’s that addicting!

~DC Darlin’

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A Shoe-a-holic’s e-Dream Come True

This may be the best thing since sliced bread.  Ladies (and smart gents who know what their ladies want) allow me the pleasure of presenting to you THE best shoe site you’ll ever know.

must-have1Recently launched is ingenious because it groups shoes by types rather than brands, making it more intuitive to what we gals are looking for  when we shop.  So  when all you want is a comfy pair of dress shoes, you need only click on one link to find them.  Moreover, they only maintain a select list of designers and brands so that a search for black pumps doesn’t bring up 900 pairs like on  shoe2And the BEST part of it all?  Their shoes are reasonably priced!!!  Even in this blah economy, you can find a super cute pair of footies for under $50.  Case in point:  my soon-to-be new work shoes above.  So spread the word…even you, guys!  Your girlfriends will thank you!

Happy shopping!

~DC Darlin’

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