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Awesome things that hail from my birthplace…

I know many have stereotyped KY as a result of various comedy skits, rumors, ignorance, etc and so on…  I’m not denying that SOME are true, as I’m SURE is the case with every state.  To name a few:

-no teeth




-blue people

-we fry everything in lard (only the good stuff ;))

-yadda yadda yadda

You should realize that every single state has its own band of characters.  Despite the teasing at times, I love my upbringing and my inability to correctly pronounce ‘fly swatter’ (its sounds like ‘flask water’  and I can’t do anything about it, ask Mr. PC), and I love the roots that have made me who I am.  More importantly, this post is to indulge those who throw jeers with something truly awesome that has hailed from my home state (outside of the best basketball team ever, GO BIG BLUE!, and obvi the bourbon, horses and women)——THE KFC DOUBLE DOWN!

And, according to reports, it’s here to stay!  I actually tried it, why would I not, afterall, I needed to check out all the hype.  And, aside from the fact that I could barely stomach half, it was quite tasty.  I do not think it is wise to frequent this type of feeding, but go ahead, kick your boots off and have a taste!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kentucky Fried Chicken!


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2010’s Decisions That Just Happen to Be Made in January

For those who have loyally followed our Southern Fried lives since last January (by the way Happy Birthday to our blog!!!), you may recall my utter trepidation of New Year’s Resolutions. Yes my heart is beating a tad faster just thinking about them.  But alas, if you’re going to change anything in your life (or make “decisions” as I like to say), then I suppose a great time to do it is when everything is new…new year, new decade, new third number in the 20 sequence, etc. etc. So without further ado, here are the Darlin’s decisions that just happen to be made in January.

#1. No one said that the previous year’s decisions couldn’t carry over…yes I’m still deciding to lose that last 12.

Yes it’s true.  While I have made a conscious effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly (hey I haven’t gained weight), I have not busted my butt quite enough to trim off that last dozen (kinda brings ‘baker’s dozen’ into a whole new light).  However, I have gotten this year off to a good start with regular workouts and lots of veggies, fruits and lean meats to satisfy my palette. I just have to remember that the key to everything is moderation. As long as I maintain moderation (especially with my sweet tooth), I feel certain I can attain this in 2010.

#2. Keep in touch.

I’m very grateful for the independent spirit that my parents instilled in me.  It has allowed me to go places and do things that I’d never do otherwise. There’s no telling where I’d be but for my willingness to step out on a limb all by myself.  But the downfall? Friends and family can easily slip through the cracks as I trek through life independently.  Being in a serious relationship has helped tremendously, as I am learning everyday about doing life with someone else and what exactly that looks like. But there’s no question that I’ve allowed loved ones to take the back seat of an extra-long, Duggar-esque multi-passenger van while I hum along in the driver’s seat, occasionally hollering over my shoulder to check in and see if everything’s ok. Add a boyfriend to the equation, and you get the picture…I’m in need of communication changes.  So this year I want to do a better job of keeping in touch with friends and family.  No, I may not be able to hang with the gals like I did in my single days (frankly I can’t stay up that late anymore), but I can make a better effort of calling, emailing and initiating activities with my pals.  And no matter what’s going on in life, Mom and Dad deserve regular calls. So take note, AT&T…I’m about to take mega-advantage of all those roll-over minutes I’ve been hording!

That’s it. I know it’s not much, but if I let the record speak for me, then I probably shouldn’t even have two on here.  Happy 2010!

-DC Darlin’

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DC Darlin’ laid it out, now you can ‘lay it off’

Thanks to DC Darlin’ for the eye-opening post regarding one of MPC’s favorite haunts, I’m frantically trying to think of ways to burn off last weekend’s yummy Cheesecake pasta dish I indugled in.  But thanks to the a new study, seems as though there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ladies and Gentlement, behold:

Try this to burn calories: Get your groove on.


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Doug Funnie to Save the World

Over the last couple of years Mr. PC and I have made a concerted effort to collect all the television shows that shaped the ‘we’ we are today.  As children of the 80s, there are quite a few influential cartoons, claymation and other series that have led to the adults we are today.  Smurfs, Muppet Babies, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Dinosaurs, and many, many others. As of late, our obsession has been Doug. doug_cartoon We make an effort to watch one or two episodes a night before bed (about 15 min each so I can still make my 10:30 bedtime). I realize this sounds totally nerdy of us. But if you think about it, it makes sense. It’s a way for us to forget our stresses and reconnect with a time when life wasn’t so ‘adult.’ And, even more, we feel the need to reconnect with our youth so that we can prepare to raise our own brood.  Doug–in all it’s awkward 10 year old who is dealing with the hardships of life, love and middle school glory– is a jewel that truly communicates a message that we could all take lessons from.  Moving to a new town with no friends, falling in love for the first time with Patty the popular (who happens to be the “pickle on his ‘ip’wich”), the pains of being on the verge of teenageism, creating and living vicariously through an avid imagination with “Quailman, Smash Adams and The Chamilian, “and of course the resident bully who targets you for being the “newbie.”  Yes, life was a simpler time, but the way in which Doug analyzes and eventually solves his problems could teach us a thing or two (and maybe, hopefully, it did in our youth and we are the mature and successful adults we are today because of NickToons).  But the real issue at hand in this entry is this:  Sure, Doug Funnie helped shape the children born in the 80s and growing up in the early 90s, but who will save the world today? Continue reading


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My Lame Obsession with Crappy Music

I consider myself to have relatively good taste.  I’m pretty conservative with dress (not talking politics), certainly conservative socially, and I suppose I have a rather normal female taste in music.  I did, however, grow up idolizing a brother eight years my senior so I fell into the hairband love affair with Motley Crue and GNR. But once I was old enough to develop my own preferences, I became a lover of Sarah McLachlan, Nickel Creek, Ben Folds, Michael Buble, and the occasional ‘booty song’ from Beyonce and the like.

Then I married my husband.  A firm believer that ‘good’ music was made well before his time on this Earth and has been at a near stand still ever since.  He is gifted with the guitar and a major talent when it comes to lyrics. And a lover of Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon and other grainy voiced old-timers.  Of course I knew of Bob Dylan before I met Mr. PC, but I must say I could only name the hits.  To this day, I find myself enjoying covers rather than the original, but I have learned to appreciate gifted musicians.  Mr. PC has opened my eyes to a new collection of tunes I might have never stumbled upon.  Thanks to him, Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon are now on my most played lists.  Despite my new found tenured tastes, I still fall victim to the occasional crap top 40 tune… Continue reading


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Wanted: Gentlemen Guest Contributors!

I must commend Boston Belle for providing a pleasing, thought-provoking analysis of what we ladies are looking for in our men.  Now, we feel as though we have  somewhat of a good idea of what y’all are looking for in a lady, but it would be much more fun and insightful to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.  So we encourage our  gentlemen readers out there (and I know there are at least two!) to provide your intelligent, honest feedback on what qualities you look for in a lady.  You can write us at (please, only thought-provoking, intelligent input…we’re not going to post any “she better wait on me hand and foot” kinda stuff.  And we’re both taken, so please don’t email us with your personality profile and contact info).  We’ll compile your thoughts and post them to the site.  Thanks in advance for contributing, and we look forward to hearing from you!

~DC Darlin’

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And so it begins!

Hey Ya’ll, and Welcome to the newly launched, “Southern Fried Blog!” We’ll be taking an in-depth, humourous, and often irreverant look at city life through the eyes of two of Dixie’s finest. We’d just love to hear any of ya’ll’s feedback, so ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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