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Reality Check: A Rose Ceremony Won’t Make You Happy

Perhaps its deja vu, or maybe I’m just realllllly fed up with this subject, but this post (mostly rant) feels all too familiar to me.  I apologize if I’m boring you with redundancies.

WTF is up with The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise???  I get it, these people crave 15 minutes of fame and the chance to be seen on the arm of a hottie (not in all cases so hot), but COME ON.  Admittedly, I am a die-hard fan of trash mags.  I love them and the normalcy that strikes me when reading about all the Hollywood drama.  However, lately I find it almost painful to give into the shiny, glossy lure. And all because of one OVER DONE topic:


UCK! Typing her name conjurs a teensy bit of vom.  #1 have you SEEN her? (I’m sorry, its not very ‘southern’ charming to be rude, but I’m conflicted by my natural tendency to be honest *bless her heart* (in the South if you say that before or after a jab, you’re covered) hehe), #2 do we care? #3 are we surprised?? only like 1 couple out of 400 have even remotely stayed together #4 legit, have you SEEN her?  (sorry, I’ll move on).  I mean we all knew it was going to end.  Didn’t we move on to watch that Ali girl he rejected ‘find her own rose lover?’   As if that isn’t enough, we have to be tortured with that ex Hooter’s biotch clogging up our gossip rags and blogs! No one cares, go home, go back to Hooter’s, I don’t care—just stop hogging my guilty pleasure with your tragic love FAIL of ‘he wouldn’t sleep with me’ and other yadda yadda I don’t give a sh*t sob stories.  Seriously, you’re not cute (sorry, I know I promised, it slipped) and from what I read you have no real personality so why in the world would you think I would care.  Also, you went on a reality show on live television looking for love.  Who’s the fool now.

I thought so. So take that Vie–what was her name again??


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Office Wasteland

In honor of this New Year’s Eve which falls on a Thursday, meaning some of you onesies and twosies may actually have to work today, I thought I’d share this great article from WaPo that highlights those sparse few who have to endure the week between Christmas and New Years at the office.  Hilarious!

For the workers, it was a lonely holiday week at the office

Happy NYE!

-DC Darlin’

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All Grown Up…Sorta

I had to share this, as I think this is absolutely fascinating!  If you’re going to miss out on many things we take for granted (roller coasters, adult clothing, etc.), it’s gotta be pretty cool to miss out based on the fact that you are the tiniest person in the world.  Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?…it may have something to do with my dream of finding a dog that stays a puppy forever.

World’s Shortest Person

~DC Darlin’

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Tarantino, the true “Basterd” of dark comedy

Last night Mr. PC and I finally ventured out to see Tarantino’s latest “Inglourious Basterds,” a film we’ve greatly anticipated and painfully endured commentary by our friends who made it to the theater before us. I must say the wait, no matter how painful it was, was worth it.

There are two types of movie-goers these days: those who like Tarantino, and those who don’t.  I happen to be quite the fan.  I consider myself an ‘surprised fan’ because frankly I had no interest at all in his gory display of cinema roll until Mr. PC sat me down on a rainy Saturday and introduced me to “Kill Bill, Vols. 1 &2.”  I admit that at times I must cover my eyes, because I do get squeamish with blood and guts, but the overall plot lines are sometimes worth it.  For those of you who don’t know, his latest, starring none other than our heavenly-sent star Brad Pitt, is a historical inaccuracy take on Nazi Germany.  Originally meant to be a western (pay attention and you will certainly pick up on this), Tarantino portrays his own, unique idea (perhaps desire) as to what really ended the war and reign of “The Fuhrer.”  And man wouldn’t it have been something if that really was the ending.  Tarantino takes a daring shot at a big, fat ‘F*$& YOU” (southern belles don’t use profanity) to Nazi Germany.  And boy was it GLORIOUS.  His wit and humor play throughout and humanize a dark period in our history books.  Pitt shines as a slow talking southerner (southernfried!) who uses his Apache roots to take on the Nazi party with gorilla military tactics—even so much as obtaining scalps as trophies.  Despite his mass popularity and dashing, drooling, dream-every-night-worthy good looks, Pitt is brilliant, never breaking character and really personifying a passionate, perpetual hate for Nazis and those who stain our history.

Perhaps the most convincing (=brilliant) role was played by Christoph Waltz as “Hans Lander,” or affectionately (or not) nicknamed “The Jew Hunter.”  Originally set to star Leonardo DiCaprio as Lander, Waltz delivers a performs that is so convincing I found my fist tensed in several cases and truly, with all my heart, hated his guts from start to finish.  He is the Reese Witherspoon of Election, the Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls and all those nasty biOtches who take on the silver screen—and he’s a damn good actor. Tarantino even quips that Lander just might be his best character ever written—and I can imagine he is patting himself on the back for his casting.

Other, more familiar faces include: Diane Kruger, as a clumsy-but-trying-to-help actress/spy; Mike Meyers, a commissioner to the grand finale; B.J. Novak of The Office!; among others.  A performance not to be forgotten is that of Melanie Laurent, who plays the owner of a humble cinema and a Jewish French woman on the run. She has changed her name and banished her Jewish roots out of need for survival.

I could talk for hours, but I won’t b/c the box offices might sue me.  So take my word for it, go see it. You will not be sorry. If anything, it gives hope for a better humanity.  We need to remember our blemishes as humans, even if they are hurtful and scary—it will force us to evolve past our heathen beginnings.  And of course, it stars Brad Pitt. 🙂


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Love, Big Apple Belle


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Love is no joking matter…unless of course its on reality TV

Reality TV on trial again as ‘Megan Wants a Millionaire’ is canceled

I just stumbled upon the above headline and have to say that I’ve had enough (the fact that this guy is wanted for murder is the icing on the cake here).  I will be the first to admit that I enjoy crappy reality TV as much as the next person. However, I do not and have not ever taken any of the gazillion reality ‘let’s find you true love’ shows seriously (not even the one couple that is seemingly a success–Trista & Ryan).  My comment here is: Love is such a delicate and serious matter that it begs the question— is it wrong of us as a society to make a mockery of it with a cheap reality competition??? Reality’s answer: YES!

reality-tvI can see that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette at least TRY to make an effort so that it seems somewhat legit, but let’s be honest, just HOW successful can ‘true love’ be when it develops over 2 weeks in some lavish resort in front of a parade of cameras. Exactly.  And let’s not even discuss the not-so-reality-for-most-of-us shows that lock people in a house with gallons of booze and embarrassing contests.  I am guilty of watching reality TV by way of Project Runway, ANTM and American Idol—but I draw that line at shows that promise to match make. Furthermore, these shows give us unrealistic expectations of “love.”  These men/woman are given studio $$ to present lavish gifts and getaways to create the perfect fairytale–ON CAMERA.  I know that a few years back some might have thought the same of internet dating, but I have since had changed opinions (mostly from attending a few weddings as result of on target virtual matchmaking)—but people, let’s face reality, LOVE isn’t something to be found on a by-the-budget-for-seasonal-ratings contestant show.  Love is a battlefield, not a studio set. 🙂

-Big Apple Belle


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All The Single Ladies!

Don’t have much to time to write, but I found this article yesterday and thought I’d share.  It talks about the types of single ladies out there…the confident ones who are generally happy and content regardless of status and those who, well, aren’t.  My opinion is that these “types” don’t exist just in singlehood, but explaining so would require more time than I have.  My opining must await until my next post…

Two Kinds of Single Women

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

~DC Darlin’

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The Bible Belt: Is It Losing Its Hold?

Growing up, I was immersed in church.  Not just raised.  Not just ‘went on Sundays.’  But completely drowning in it.  I think I may have had some sort of aura oozing out of my skin, I went so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily downing it, as it has had a truly beneficial impact on my life.  Religion definitely kept me out of trouble growing up (I spoiled my parents, I was so good).  And, why, it even came in handy last weekend when I spouted off the books of the Bible drunk as a skunk to the amazement of my friends (I think it has talent show potential).

Kidding aside, while I do consider my faith in God a deeply personal and critical part of who I am, I have found myself over the past few years increasingly disinclined to organized religion and the ‘culture’ that has become so representative of Western Christianity. And so when I read today that Jimmy Carter is leaving the Southern Baptist denomination for its, how should I put this, “slightly less than progressive” view  of women in religion and society, I wondered how many other Bible Belters out there are like Jimmy and me?  I’m not insinuating that President Carter is giving up church altogether, but he obviously had enough with a certain aspect of the culture and deemed it a deal-breaker (and kudos to him for doing so…there is potential for lots of soap-box standing right about now, but I’ll leave it for you to ponder my monologue on the subject).

So my question is, can you believe without succumbing to the ‘culture?’  Because really, that’s what the “Bible Belt” is.  When you think of the term, you don’t think of kindness, love, passion, sacrifice–all the sacred aspects of the faith that have drawn millions to it throughout the years.  The images that come to mind are far less hallowed:  steeples on every corner, Bible studies, frilly dresses and gossips, tent revivals and Sunday school…in essence, a culture.  Are the faith and the culture two separate entities? I for one hope so because I love my faith, but I am so over the picture that the Bible Belt has painted of it.

I could keep going on this point, but it’s late and time for bed.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so show me some love on this!

~DC Darlin’usa_bible_belt


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