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2010’s Decisions That Just Happen to Be Made in January

For those who have loyally followed our Southern Fried lives since last January (by the way Happy Birthday to our blog!!!), you may recall my utter trepidation of New Year’s Resolutions. Yes my heart is beating a tad faster just thinking about them.  But alas, if you’re going to change anything in your life (or make “decisions” as I like to say), then I suppose a great time to do it is when everything is new…new year, new decade, new third number in the 20 sequence, etc. etc. So without further ado, here are the Darlin’s decisions that just happen to be made in January.

#1. No one said that the previous year’s decisions couldn’t carry over…yes I’m still deciding to lose that last 12.

Yes it’s true.  While I have made a conscious effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly (hey I haven’t gained weight), I have not busted my butt quite enough to trim off that last dozen (kinda brings ‘baker’s dozen’ into a whole new light).  However, I have gotten this year off to a good start with regular workouts and lots of veggies, fruits and lean meats to satisfy my palette. I just have to remember that the key to everything is moderation. As long as I maintain moderation (especially with my sweet tooth), I feel certain I can attain this in 2010.

#2. Keep in touch.

I’m very grateful for the independent spirit that my parents instilled in me.  It has allowed me to go places and do things that I’d never do otherwise. There’s no telling where I’d be but for my willingness to step out on a limb all by myself.  But the downfall? Friends and family can easily slip through the cracks as I trek through life independently.  Being in a serious relationship has helped tremendously, as I am learning everyday about doing life with someone else and what exactly that looks like. But there’s no question that I’ve allowed loved ones to take the back seat of an extra-long, Duggar-esque multi-passenger van while I hum along in the driver’s seat, occasionally hollering over my shoulder to check in and see if everything’s ok. Add a boyfriend to the equation, and you get the picture…I’m in need of communication changes.  So this year I want to do a better job of keeping in touch with friends and family.  No, I may not be able to hang with the gals like I did in my single days (frankly I can’t stay up that late anymore), but I can make a better effort of calling, emailing and initiating activities with my pals.  And no matter what’s going on in life, Mom and Dad deserve regular calls. So take note, AT&T…I’m about to take mega-advantage of all those roll-over minutes I’ve been hording!

That’s it. I know it’s not much, but if I let the record speak for me, then I probably shouldn’t even have two on here.  Happy 2010!

-DC Darlin’


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Office Wasteland

In honor of this New Year’s Eve which falls on a Thursday, meaning some of you onesies and twosies may actually have to work today, I thought I’d share this great article from WaPo that highlights those sparse few who have to endure the week between Christmas and New Years at the office.  Hilarious!

For the workers, it was a lonely holiday week at the office

Happy NYE!

-DC Darlin’

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No I Haven’t Forgotten How to Type, and Various Other Sundry Items…

Hi All.  Yes, I bet you thought we abandoned our blog forever, but fortunately for you, you are mistaken.  I know Big Apple Belle is getting settled into NYC, which for me would take a lifetime…but because she is so awesome, she should be back soon to share with us all her wonderful stories about life in the Big Apple.

As for me, I have had a few changes of my own that have occupied my time for the past couple of months.  Ok, maybe ONE significant change. In classic city-life fashion (and in complete abandonment of a few time-honored Southern traditions), my boyfriend and I made the decision to continue nurturing our relationship under the same roof…that’s right, we’ve moved in together!

Yes, this decision may come as a surprise to those who knew me as a super-conservative Southern teen. And it may even spark a bit of controversy by some. But all I can tell you is that we are having a wonderful time learning, loving and preparing for a very long future together. With each day comes a little more excitement, a deeper view of love, and yes, even a bit more maturity as we each learn what it takes to do ‘life’ together.

So what does ‘life’ currently entail?  Lots of stuff that we enjoy but some may deem “settled” (see previous post regarding the term here), including:

1. The Office: We recently discovered this gem and even signed up for Netflix so we can watch past seasons instantly (yes, it’s that good).

2. Cooking: This has always been something we love doing together.  We are constantly finding and making new dishes.  We even created a recipe blog, which I may discreetly share with y’all one of these days (I am anoynmous on here after all).

3. Crosswords: “Settled” defined.  Enough said.

4. The Gym: I’ve always been into staying fit, but it’s been fun (and motivating) to have someone to go to the gym with.

5. Football: This is one of our strongest bonds, believe it or not.  Whether it’s flag football or the SEC on CBS, we have a blast with football in the fall.  Now if I can just get him into basketball

So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months…well there you go. “Life” hasn’t necessarily been flashy or action-packed. But it is full, and that’s all I can ask for.

~DC Darlin’

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All Grown Up…Sorta

I had to share this, as I think this is absolutely fascinating!  If you’re going to miss out on many things we take for granted (roller coasters, adult clothing, etc.), it’s gotta be pretty cool to miss out based on the fact that you are the tiniest person in the world.  Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?…it may have something to do with my dream of finding a dog that stays a puppy forever.

World’s Shortest Person

~DC Darlin’

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Closing the Door on the Summer of Bad News

Being in DC has provided, among other things, an outlet for the “need to know now and before everyone else” side of me to grow and thrive like wildfire in Southern Cal. DC is such a fast-paced, news-centric city and this Southern extrovert can’t help but get sucked into the madness. For instance if you rode with me to work every morning you’d likely be listening to C-SPAN radio, as it provides a thorough commentary from guests that, in many cases, are making legislation just an arms-throw away from me (I still find this so awesome even after two years of living here.  Yes, I am aware that this incredibly nerdy.)

Another news-junkie action I promptly enacted upon moving to DC was enabling my FireFox browser with RSS feeds from, as well as signing up for Breaking News emails to come directly to my Outlook.  So not only can I peruse the latest headlines at a nano-second’s notice, but I also know the late breaking news before everyone!!!! (insert BWAHAHAHA here). And of course by everyone I mean anyone less of a dork than me. Luckily though, there are many out there, ignorant to the vital information that they need to know, and that I, the news junkie, can provide.

What I did not anticipate when I began my swift decline into media madness, however, was 2009’s incredibly dismal summer of bad news! Between Michael Jackson, Jon & Kate, murders of parents with 8 kids in the house, and psychos hiding children in their backyards for decades, this summer has been an insane wealth of unbelievably bad news. Last week, after catching myself being sucked in by a horrific story about a couple of kids in the UK who nearly mutilated other neighborhood children (don’t go searching for it, it isn’t worth it), I finally decided enough was enough. I was ending the summer of bad news.

Now, I didn’t go as far as to remove my CNN feeds (although I thought about it). But I DID actually subscribe to another…allow me to introduce you to! HappyNews finds the GOOD stuff going on around the world and puts it in one place so you don’t have to sift through the sicko junk to find it. I decided to now go to HappyNews for my ‘fix’ and only open CNN for legit information (and ‘legit’ does not include herrendous murders, sicko kidnappers, etc.).  There are so many great things happening every single day, and I hope to make a habit of becoming a junkie about these stories, as opposed to the media shockers that can so easily suck me in.  So on top of an incredible Alabama football team, my new consumption of good news should lead to a Fall of Joyful Elation.


~DC Darlin’

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We’ll Post Soon…

Just reaching out to let you know that we both do still have heartbeats!  Big Apple Belle has been on a road trip (which included stopping by to visit me!), and quite honestly work has been so crazy that I have avoided looking at a computer after work hours.  But soon enough we’ll both be back with our usual Southern rants…so stay tuned!

~DC Darlin’

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Uncouth Moment of the Week: Dear Alabama, 1925 called. They want their ass backwards legislation back. Thanks, ~DCD

It’s news like this that makes me want to move to Maine.

It seems the state in which I was born and raised (for better or for worse…it’s the latter today) has banned a bottle of wine because its label features a naked nymph. Now, I can’t decide what is more disconcerting: the fact that a wine label derived from a piece of art created in 1895 could be banned from an entire state through legislation created in 2008 or that the Alabama state government is dumb enough to think that wine labeled with a revealing picture is somehow more libationary than wine labeled with any other photo.

While there are many things that I love about the South, there are a few that I absolutely loath.  In this case, it is the completely archaic and backwards ideas, poster1opinions and convictions of many narrow-minded individuals who have seemed to congregate and vote each other into office in the lovely region that I call home. How this idiotic bill made it to a law, I’ll never know…I’m almost inclined to think that the state government’s goal in life is to keep the stereotype of Alabama alive in the hearts and minds of the rest of the nation.  Perhaps they’re hoping for some sympathy funds from the Department of Education or something?  “You Alabamians are so incredibly idiotic that we can’t help but direct more funds for education to your state. Perhaps in 10 years, you just may produce legislation that puts you within at least 30 years of the rest of the nation…at least, that’s what we’re hoping.”

Alabama government, news flash: we’re not in 1925. So stop acting like it. We’re intelligent, charming, creative and a ton of fun.  Now, why do you have to make us look like we forgot to turn our watches forward 90 years?!? Get a life and focus on something that matters; God knows there’s enough real issues in the state to warrant much more attention in Montgomery than a damn wine label. Thank heavens that at least Alabama has football…otherwise we’d have nothing to take our attention off of the circus in Montgomery.  September has never looked so good.

~DC Darlin’

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