Enter the ’10s…my 10 reasons to be excited

A couple days ago I realized that not only are we entering 2010, but we are also entering a new decade.  Wow.  Remember the Y2k hullabaloo?  That seems so far ago to me.  And I lived in a town where everyone hoarded water and bread in preparation.  So much has changed.  The ’00s were good to me.  They gave me a HS diploma, a College education, a Master’s degree, a new life in Boston,  a wonderful, loving Mr. PC (hubby), a sense of who I am more than ever and now a new city to explore and grow.  All in all a pretty ‘meaty’ decade.  And then I started to think about all the things that the ’10s will bring my way.  A strengthened career, a home (hopefully on this side of the decade haha) and the joys of motherhood (or so planned), my 30th bday ( I anticipate this to be a rough one) and hopefully a world of other experiences I can look fondly on in the ’20s (will they also be roaring??).

Every year I set the same New Year’s resolutions, blah blah blah.  And every year I’ve given up (or most likely innocently forgotten) by mid January.  Some of them trickle through into Spring, mostly out of boredom with Winter.  But my track record isn’t so good.  I should feel awful about this, but on second thought when I think of all the things I HAVE accomplished throughout the years, I’ve more or less met all my goals thus far.  Maybe not in the year I’d set out to do so, but better late than never, right?  However this year, I whole-heartedly make a vow to stick with it.  This is a new decade, a fresh start.  I’m in a different place than ever before so now is better than never.  I’m in those few ‘selfish’ years that life allows.  No school, my career is settled in a place I’m happy with, my husband is well into his career,  we’re still writing a fat rent check, but its NYC so it counts, and we have no kids.  We are DINKS, and I intend to enjoy it while I can.  So without further ado, my 2010 bucket list:

1.  Explore more.  I live in NYC, arguably the greatest city in the world.  And although I’ve done a lot of exploring, I plowed right into work and routine when we first moved in.  So this year I will make a list of all those nooks and crannies I want to visit and get out and do so!  Weekends are for more than just laundry and grocery shopping.

2.  Make more phone calls.  I’m afraid I’m a victim of the technology rut. Basically, if you don’t text or email, you don’t talk to me too often.  There are lots of people in my life who do not participate in the techage.  For these people, and all those I love who deserve more than a text, I will make a valiant effort to call just to hear your voice.  Or even hand write you a nice note on occasion.

3.  Become one with Betty Crocker.  I love to cook, I always have.  So I will put down my excuses and seduction of ease by way of microwave and pick up the skillet!!  I’ve recently sent out a call to action to my friends and family and asked for their cherished recipes.  I will cook them all by years end.

4.  Write more.  In all facets.  I love to write.  Goodness knows I’ve neglected this poor blog.  Again, I will put down my excuses and tickle the keys more.  Its a nice release, creative or not, just to write and write about any and everything.

5.  Travel far and wide.  2010 might be a saving for coming years kind of year, but nonetheless there is a goal in mind.  We want to visit Israel and Egypt, a return to Turkey and South America.  My passport needs stamps.

6. Capture the moment.  For my 26th birthday my husband got me a camera small enough to fit in my purse because I never wanted to lug my big camera around.  And I never, ever remember to take it out of my purse.  This year I will capture the moments that mean most to me.  I will have a photo album–digital maybe, but an album no less.

7. Stop planning so much and live a little more.  Let’s face it, you’ll never take the planner out of me.  I love my date book, my bbery and making reservations and itineraries, BUT that is not what life is all about.  I will stop judging my life by where I think it should be and just live in the moment where it is.

8.  Enjoy my friends a little more.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my friends so much now.  But I need to set a little more time aside to travel and visit; to shop (ahhh shopping!!), chat and enjoy.

9.  Save for a rainy day.  Okay, hopefully for a sunny day.  In the form of a house.  And a nice vacation here and there.  And start saving for our future children’s education.  We are finally in a place where we can save something to be proud of, so this is the year.  Build a little nest egg for our future little nest.

10.  Lose that extra 10.  Ah, why not, this is a list of resolutions right?  If weight loss wasn’t on it, it wouldn’t be complete.  I am actually off to a good start closing out 2009, I’ve started making healthier decisions and I want to further this.  🙂

Okay, there you have it.  Check in and keep tabs on me. 🙂




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3 responses to “Enter the ’10s…my 10 reasons to be excited

  1. MPC

    I really like that you are writing again. When we get the ‘puter, you have to write that beautiful novel i know you can.

    My bucket list:

    1. Love Big Apple Bell even more.

    2. Write, as well.

    3. Doople.

  2. I had to laugh when I read that the people of LEB were hoarders of bread and water. Why does that not surprise me? 😉 Great list of 10! I should probably do the same…

  3. I simply wanted to add a comment here to say thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming therefore I appreciate when I see well written material. Your time isn’t going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and carry on You’ll defintely reach your goals! have a great day!

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