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No I Haven’t Forgotten How to Type, and Various Other Sundry Items…

Hi All.  Yes, I bet you thought we abandoned our blog forever, but fortunately for you, you are mistaken.  I know Big Apple Belle is getting settled into NYC, which for me would take a lifetime…but because she is so awesome, she should be back soon to share with us all her wonderful stories about life in the Big Apple.

As for me, I have had a few changes of my own that have occupied my time for the past couple of months.  Ok, maybe ONE significant change. In classic city-life fashion (and in complete abandonment of a few time-honored Southern traditions), my boyfriend and I made the decision to continue nurturing our relationship under the same roof…that’s right, we’ve moved in together!

Yes, this decision may come as a surprise to those who knew me as a super-conservative Southern teen. And it may even spark a bit of controversy by some. But all I can tell you is that we are having a wonderful time learning, loving and preparing for a very long future together. With each day comes a little more excitement, a deeper view of love, and yes, even a bit more maturity as we each learn what it takes to do ‘life’ together.

So what does ‘life’ currently entail?  Lots of stuff that we enjoy but some may deem “settled” (see previous post regarding the term here), including:

1. The Office: We recently discovered this gem and even signed up for Netflix so we can watch past seasons instantly (yes, it’s that good).

2. Cooking: This has always been something we love doing together.  We are constantly finding and making new dishes.  We even created a recipe blog, which I may discreetly share with y’all one of these days (I am anoynmous on here after all).

3. Crosswords: “Settled” defined.  Enough said.

4. The Gym: I’ve always been into staying fit, but it’s been fun (and motivating) to have someone to go to the gym with.

5. Football: This is one of our strongest bonds, believe it or not.  Whether it’s flag football or the SEC on CBS, we have a blast with football in the fall.  Now if I can just get him into basketball

So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months…well there you go. “Life” hasn’t necessarily been flashy or action-packed. But it is full, and that’s all I can ask for.

~DC Darlin’


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