Not quite a New Yorker, but learning the ropes…

Okay, so I’ve officially been living in NYC for 10 days. I say officially because I was doing the commuting/crashing on couch thing for a couple weeks until my lease was ready.  There is a reason for this. I got a job!! This is exciting of course, albeit a bit earlier than expected. This has spiraled me into a whirlwind of very quickly taking on the city—but not without a few reflections along the way.  Below are a few things I’ve pondered, noticed, discovered and discussed so far along the way.

1.  The trash in this city–Don’t take that the wrong way, NYC is suprisingly a VERY clean city.  But it is amazing the amount of trash generated in this city. I get it, there are a gazillion people jammpacked into a small space, but  WOW! I’m telling you, if you don’t see the need to recycle then take a stroll down any street on trash day and think about where ALL OF THAT TRASH is going to go. And stay. Forever.

2. Don’t be fooled by the zilliongazillion cabs in this city, you still aren’t guaranteed to get one.  Certainly not at shift change. Oh no, NO ONE works the shift change. Shouldn’t the new shifters come on a little earlier just to cover the basis? Apparently not. And if its raining, just stop whining and walk it, you’ll get there faster and dryer than if you wait for a cab.

3. You can walk a long way when you’re terrified of the subway.  Why are there no maps in the stations? There are in major stations, but no guarantee.  Add in the fact that it all looks like goobldeglop to me anyway and you can see why I walk.  I’m learning. Hubstop rocks though.

4. Rent Control. I’ll say no more, but pick up on my annoyance.

5. McDonald’s delivers. Is this even possible? A fast, fast, fast, fast food. Imagine the caloric intake considering you don’t even have to WALK to get your food.

6. Time Warner is the devil.  I apologize to Comcast for hating it so much.

7. Duane Reed—what the hell is Duane Reed? And where is CVS???

8.  The amazing selection of restaurants. On ever corner. Of every street. Its overwhelming, but I’m so excited to explore.

9. How freaking cool is it that so many amazing things are one or two blocks away from my apt!?!?! (Sorry, I’m not over this one yet)

10. There are no buttons to push to cross the street. They just assume that a million ppl are waiting to cross so its automatic. Smart I know, but I feel like I’m doing something if I can incessantly push a button until it changes. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve smacked a pole out of habit.

Bonus 11. Sample sales. *le sigh*

That is my top 11 for today…I have a running list of ‘observations’ and I’ll post more soon. Night!!!



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2 responses to “Not quite a New Yorker, but learning the ropes…

  1. Winston M

    I cant wait to visit!

  2. I made my first trip to NYC the weekend after New Year’s and share your sentiments. What in the WORLD with all the Duane Reed’s!? I am ALSO terrified of subways and we walked everywhere. The rampant incompetence of Metro employees here in DC has pretty much scarred me life. The people “driving” the trains have been caught sleeping, texting, etc. on the job. So yes, it’s amazing how far you’re capable of walking – even in single digit temps. Can’t wait to go back to NYC. I didn’t get to eat NEARLY enough:)

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