A few things…

Today is my last day at my current employer. I have to say its bittersweet. I am incredibly excited to begin a new chapter in my life with Mr. PC (in the big apple!) and feel in my heart that this is a good step for our future.  It’s also exciting to know that this is an opportunity for me to grow as a professional and take on PR in THE place to be.  But I will say that I will whole-heartedly miss the co-workers who have come to be my family. I’ve built some great relationships with cohorts and clients, and can say that my professional landscape has been affected by each and every one.  I’ve learned patience (which I thought I already had), understanding, teamwork, bravery, a temendous amount of knowledge and the fact that my opinions are not always the most important in the room….OR when they are, that doesn’t mean someone cares. 🙂 haha.

Big changes have always been exilerating for me.  In fact, many times in my life I found myself quite bored if stationary for too long. Probably why I moved 4 times in college, travelled often and ventured my way up to the North on my own.  Always anxious and nervous to boot, I faced previous changes alone.  But that was me, Independent Belle. This chapter in my life—moving, new job, the endless possibilities of a career, and family planning :)–I take on with my best friend and soulmate. And I have to say it is comfortable and exilerating all on its own. 

With all these changes, Mr. PC and I have been reflecting on our visions of our future.  It took us a few conversations to realize that we are on the same page (we are passionate fighters and even more passionate lovers). I think this chapter in my life is the chapter I have always put in the ‘way in the future’ category—until now. But here I am, building a home with a husband, maturing as a professional, and thinking about building a brood in a few years. All I have to say is WOW.  I’m excited to share my journey with you all. I appreciate comments—particularly job opportunities and NYC subway tips.


“Big Apple Belle”



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3 responses to “A few things…

  1. Shondra

    Subway tip #1:

    Get this app…

    Ok, maybe this should be #2 after determing your route (hopstop.com is a life saver) 🙂

  2. DON

    Good luck with your transition! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in NYC.

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