Driving @ 65 Age Per Hour

A woman in Cambridge, MA has died as result of being hit by a 71 year old driver.  Now, I am not an ageist, a racist, a satist or any of the other ‘ist’ but I do have a beef with the people we allow on the road. Would anyone (other than the AARP superlatives) be offended if we required a second driver’s test when we hit a certain age?  How about you turn 65, you get your discount perks, your free coffee priviliges and you retake your driving test? If you’re a good driver then there is nothing to worry about.  So what’s with all the gripe? And the accusation that we are violating the constitutional right? Where in there does it say that even though it’s proven fact that your body and mind change with old age that you’ve earned a right to get a free pass—even if it includes causing accidents, traffic issues and as we learned in this case, even death to an innocent bystander.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t be allowed to drive in old age, in fact I’m saying the opposite. If your skills are up to par with driving requirements, then so be it, even if  you’re 100. Now, to counter my arguement, I know there are just as many idiot drivers out that at ages 20, 30, 40 ,50, etc…but requiring a ‘check-up’ drivers test is a simple way to proactively prevent unnecessary accidents.  So wise up generation X and Baby Boomers, let’s put your skills to the test!



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One response to “Driving @ 65 Age Per Hour

  1. MPC

    Bravo. People talk about a culture of youth in this country, but old people run it. We have a 21 to “protect lives on the road” which has not conclusively saved lives yet old people who have the worst driving statistics can drive their cars with no regulation. This is agism. Youth doesn’t run this country but AARP does and its old croonies :). We constantly oppress the young and give old people what they want. It is time for them to be regulated.

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