Boston Belle Takes on the Big Apple

Bonjour All! I have some news.  Mr. PC has finally decided that his big, fat brain can’t hold any more education for at least the time being, soooo he’s taken the plunge and joined the working world! This of course is very exciting and rewarding as he has worked so hard to follow his chosen path. *because its in asterisks its not bragging, but he graduated #3 in his LLM class! woohoo!* But with this comes a challenge to us both.  Mr. PC’s new jound job is in New York City, soooooooooooooooo this Boston Belle is turning in the Boston to take on her new moniker BIG APPLE BELLE.

As a southern girl, I must say I’m very excited about the shows, shopping and yummy eats….but I’m terrified. No surprise seeing as I grew up in a ‘city’ that probably wouldn’t fill one block in the big city. Buuuut I’m taking this as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, individual and a couple. Look forward to my blog updates while I try to figure out my life in the big apple! 🙂


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