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A few things…

Today is my last day at my current employer. I have to say its bittersweet. I am incredibly excited to begin a new chapter in my life with Mr. PC (in the big apple!) and feel in my heart that this is a good step for our future.  It’s also exciting to know that this is an opportunity for me to grow as a professional and take on PR in THE place to be.  But I will say that I will whole-heartedly miss the co-workers who have come to be my family. I’ve built some great relationships with cohorts and clients, and can say that my professional landscape has been affected by each and every one.  I’ve learned patience (which I thought I already had), understanding, teamwork, bravery, a temendous amount of knowledge and the fact that my opinions are not always the most important in the room….OR when they are, that doesn’t mean someone cares. 🙂 haha.

Big changes have always been exilerating for me.  In fact, many times in my life I found myself quite bored if stationary for too long. Probably why I moved 4 times in college, travelled often and ventured my way up to the North on my own.  Always anxious and nervous to boot, I faced previous changes alone.  But that was me, Independent Belle. This chapter in my life—moving, new job, the endless possibilities of a career, and family planning :)–I take on with my best friend and soulmate. And I have to say it is comfortable and exilerating all on its own. 

With all these changes, Mr. PC and I have been reflecting on our visions of our future.  It took us a few conversations to realize that we are on the same page (we are passionate fighters and even more passionate lovers). I think this chapter in my life is the chapter I have always put in the ‘way in the future’ category—until now. But here I am, building a home with a husband, maturing as a professional, and thinking about building a brood in a few years. All I have to say is WOW.  I’m excited to share my journey with you all. I appreciate comments—particularly job opportunities and NYC subway tips.


“Big Apple Belle”



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All The Single Ladies!

Don’t have much to time to write, but I found this article yesterday and thought I’d share.  It talks about the types of single ladies out there…the confident ones who are generally happy and content regardless of status and those who, well, aren’t.  My opinion is that these “types” don’t exist just in singlehood, but explaining so would require more time than I have.  My opining must await until my next post…

Two Kinds of Single Women

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

~DC Darlin’

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Driving @ 65 Age Per Hour

A woman in Cambridge, MA has died as result of being hit by a 71 year old driver.  Now, I am not an ageist, a racist, a satist or any of the other ‘ist’ but I do have a beef with the people we allow on the road. Would anyone (other than the AARP superlatives) be offended if we required a second driver’s test when we hit a certain age?  How about you turn 65, you get your discount perks, your free coffee priviliges and you retake your driving test? If you’re a good driver then there is nothing to worry about.  So what’s with all the gripe? And the accusation that we are violating the constitutional right? Where in there does it say that even though it’s proven fact that your body and mind change with old age that you’ve earned a right to get a free pass—even if it includes causing accidents, traffic issues and as we learned in this case, even death to an innocent bystander.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t be allowed to drive in old age, in fact I’m saying the opposite. If your skills are up to par with driving requirements, then so be it, even if  you’re 100. Now, to counter my arguement, I know there are just as many idiot drivers out that at ages 20, 30, 40 ,50, etc…but requiring a ‘check-up’ drivers test is a simple way to proactively prevent unnecessary accidents.  So wise up generation X and Baby Boomers, let’s put your skills to the test!


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Boston Belle Takes on the Big Apple

Bonjour All! I have some news.  Mr. PC has finally decided that his big, fat brain can’t hold any more education for at least the time being, soooo he’s taken the plunge and joined the working world! This of course is very exciting and rewarding as he has worked so hard to follow his chosen path. *because its in asterisks its not bragging, but he graduated #3 in his LLM class! woohoo!* But with this comes a challenge to us both.  Mr. PC’s new jound job is in New York City, soooooooooooooooo this Boston Belle is turning in the Boston to take on her new moniker BIG APPLE BELLE.

As a southern girl, I must say I’m very excited about the shows, shopping and yummy eats….but I’m terrified. No surprise seeing as I grew up in a ‘city’ that probably wouldn’t fill one block in the big city. Buuuut I’m taking this as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, individual and a couple. Look forward to my blog updates while I try to figure out my life in the big apple! 🙂


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The Bible Belt: Is It Losing Its Hold?

Growing up, I was immersed in church.  Not just raised.  Not just ‘went on Sundays.’  But completely drowning in it.  I think I may have had some sort of aura oozing out of my skin, I went so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily downing it, as it has had a truly beneficial impact on my life.  Religion definitely kept me out of trouble growing up (I spoiled my parents, I was so good).  And, why, it even came in handy last weekend when I spouted off the books of the Bible drunk as a skunk to the amazement of my friends (I think it has talent show potential).

Kidding aside, while I do consider my faith in God a deeply personal and critical part of who I am, I have found myself over the past few years increasingly disinclined to organized religion and the ‘culture’ that has become so representative of Western Christianity. And so when I read today that Jimmy Carter is leaving the Southern Baptist denomination for its, how should I put this, “slightly less than progressive” view  of women in religion and society, I wondered how many other Bible Belters out there are like Jimmy and me?  I’m not insinuating that President Carter is giving up church altogether, but he obviously had enough with a certain aspect of the culture and deemed it a deal-breaker (and kudos to him for doing so…there is potential for lots of soap-box standing right about now, but I’ll leave it for you to ponder my monologue on the subject).

So my question is, can you believe without succumbing to the ‘culture?’  Because really, that’s what the “Bible Belt” is.  When you think of the term, you don’t think of kindness, love, passion, sacrifice–all the sacred aspects of the faith that have drawn millions to it throughout the years.  The images that come to mind are far less hallowed:  steeples on every corner, Bible studies, frilly dresses and gossips, tent revivals and Sunday school…in essence, a culture.  Are the faith and the culture two separate entities? I for one hope so because I love my faith, but I am so over the picture that the Bible Belt has painted of it.

I could keep going on this point, but it’s late and time for bed.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so show me some love on this!

~DC Darlin’usa_bible_belt


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Reality’s Birth Control

Okay, we all know that DD and I grew up in very southern communities—with the constant harping of being a ‘wholesome lady’ and always putting forth our ‘best manners.’ I attended Sunday school every Sunday in my prettiest dress and tried my dearest to take each lesson to heart.  I remember the fear of going to Hell if I applied the mornings lesson to my own innocent, 5 yr old life. Yes, that is growing up in the Bible Belt. Religion by fear. But that is another blog topic that I’ll rant on later. For now, teaching abstinance in schools. Is it cool? Well, coming from a community where you were lucky to have the taboo science teacher who MIGHT slip it in during a science experiment, I think it is VERY important.  Look, I get the argument. Parents have a moral responsibility and right to teach their children about the birds and bees. Well wouldn’t that be a perfect world?  Wanna know how I found out the REAL deal?  A girl in my SEVENTH GRADE class got knocked up and thought it was cool (as a 12 year old might) to tell us all her secrets in the girls bathroom.  At that point, I certainly had not had Aunt Flo visit me yet, and was not entirely certain how the process worked.  But I promptly went home and asked my Mother, who being the good Southern woman she is, gave me the details in a respectable manner. Including the discussion alerting me that I can always come to her with questions or issues, and to please please speak to her about birth control before I make any rash decisions. But, I have good parents.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same for many adolescents out there. I suspect many kids these days are learning by doing. Do we not remember little Alfie and his baby mama drama? Kids grow up too fast already, so trying to shelter them from something they are inevitably curious about is probably not the wisest idea.  I know that I want my own children (someday) to have the benefit of knowledge so that they can be proactive in their decisions.  Clearly, I hope that my children decide to wait and make educated decesions, but I also realize that they are abducted by hormones and social pressures well before they know what has happened to them. Let’s be practical.

Now, recently I’ve taken to watching MTV’s real life drama “16 and Pregnant.” Have you seen this show? If this isn’t a case against unprotected sex I don’t know what is.  This show documents the struggles associated with having a child at a young age. And it really runs the gammit with sitatuations from a couple trying to ‘play house’ on their own, to a girl who isn’t sure just exactly who the father is, to a scared youth who ‘texted’ (yes TEXTED!) her news to her mother from class—clearly she was ready.  You see firsthand how their lives are forever changed (I did not say ruined, I said changed) and that they are forced to give up the glorious days of no responsiblity.  Most of them won’t enjoy Prom, college romances or frat parties, skipping classes to hang out with friends, or even something as simple as a day at the mall.  What’s worse, is you really see the child clinging to the forced adult. These kids aren’t ready. Many of them don’t even know what their body is going through (as evidenced by their concern of ‘how much this is gonna hurt me’ commentary). I am a firm believer in teaching sexual health in school systems, or even after school progams if the community gets its panties in a tizzy.  After all, if you are a responsible parent and want to keep things on your own terms then you can elect to have your child not participate. BUT keep in mind, they WILL learn about sex and they WILL experiement, so how do you want them to find out?

Kudos to MTV for taking a backseat to glamorizing bratiness (Super Sweet 16) and documenting a true issue in today’s youth culture. I think this show could be of some value to teens everywhere. I’m 26 and married and thank my stars everyday that I have the smart Southern Mama I do, even though I know it was difficult for her.



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The Uncouth Moment of the Week: Dear Southern Living, Stop making us look like brats. Thanks, ~DCD

I’m not sure if I’ve just been in a REALLY great mood for the past couple of months or if the world has been quasi polite, but this has been long over due, and luckily the lapse has provided for one doozy of an Uncouth Moment.  Indeed, this week’s Moment is brought to you by what many Southerners believe to be the next best reading after the Bible itself: Southern Living.  So imagine my surprise, while thumbing through my roommate’s latest edition of the southern mag, did I stumble upon an article rude enough to make the Uncouth list!  But Uncouth it is, and so I digress…

This month’s issue consists of an article in the very back of the magazine entitled 15 Ways To Charm Her.  The byline reads, “Want to impress a Southern girl? Just15-1 think ‘What would my grandfather have done?’ ”  The author then goes into a list of criteria that we Southern women expect all men to do for us, with the point that manners are still en vogue, if only still in the South.  But it’s not the list itself that is so Uncouth, as some of them are definitely desired and appreciated by many women (e.g. #4 Hold Doors Open, #9 Call Us).  On the contrary, it’s the attitude and spirit behind the article that lights my fire.  In one  concise page, this article manages to deem southern women as haughty, imperious brats who have expectations that their men MUST follow in order for us to love them.  Suddenly we have become demanding, impossible-to-please snots who require a picturesque Rhett Butler of a man to satisfy us.  That’s right gents…be at the height of perfection at every moment, and you just may earn our love.  And our love is definitely worth the effort.  Just keep reminding yourself of that when we’re nagging you to death about being perfect.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have expectations and ideals of the type of person you want to be in a relationship with. You totally should.  But you shouldn’t ‘expect’ them to bend over backwards to be the EXACT person you envision them to be.  My boyfriend is the finest of gentlemen, and I have dreamed and hoped for someone like him to come along.  But the easiest, fastest way to turn him into a jerk (or better yet, get rid of me) is to embrace a list of expectations and demands that he must meet in order for me to love him.  Any charm I did have has immediately wilted into nothing more than snottiness with an accent.  Continue reading

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