Because The “More Fat Than McDonald’s Could Even Begin to Imagine” Factory just doesn’t have the same ring…

Warning: If you delight in the indulgence of a delectable piece of creamy dessert from the Cheesecake Factory, you may want to avert your eyes because this is gonna hurt…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but holy crap, I found the most shocking website yesterday and just had to share for fear of being held accountable for all the clogged arteries bound to accrue from ignorance. So consider yourself warned!


Potential Results of Gorging Regularly on Cheesecake Factory

McDonald’s has NOTHING on The Cheesecake Factory!!!  The web site below provides hard copy scans (apparently CF is reluctant to provide calorie info, and after reading it who can blame them?) of the calorie, fat, sodium and carb contents of their entire menu.  Ugh, even many of their SALADS have nearly an entire day’s worth of calories! And if you’re a pasta fan, get ready to fast a day-and-a-half after eating the 2300 calorie Pasta Carbonara w/ Chicken….either that or prepare to run that 10 miler the day after!

Don’t get me wrong, I try to eat healthy, but I also have a MASSIVE sweet-tooth and love to indulge it from time-to-time.   But I’m just not sure if even the Chocolate Tuxedo Creme Cheesecake, which I recently partook in a couple of weeks ago, is worth the 934 calories that is now attached to my ass.  Suddenly a Skinny Cow Sandwich seems incredibly appealing…

Cheesecake Factory Calories

p.s. The Calorie Lab also provides estimates of how many calories you burn during daily activities, both exercise and day-to-day stuff.  I must say, I thought the sexual activity calculation would be a tad higher…. Calorie Counter

~DC Darlin’

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