America, why do we care so much?

I have a question, surely its on everyone’s mind already. Why, America, do we care so much about the fate of Jon and Kate? I know that to most its probably the ‘Plus 8’ that truely own the bulk of our attention, but its time to do this family some good and stop caring so much.  The season opened on a media storm of accusations and finger-pointing. Quickly America divided, as it usually does, for Team Jon or Team Kate and here we are, confirming what we all saw coming long before the ‘big announcement.’  These people are clearly at a crossroads and are hurting very badly.  I’ve heard the opinions, and to some I agree, but at this point, does it really matter who’s to blame? The fact is: parents divorce every single day in this country. It seems as though Jon and Kate have reached a point where they’ve grown so far a part that even their children aren’t enough to keep them together. I am deeply saddened, but perhaps it is for the best.  I am very blessed in that there is no divorce in my immediate family at all, so I can’t comment as to what a divorce can do to a family. BUT it has to be better than seeing your parents fights splashed all over the tabloids everytime you walk into a grocery; or having your parents in the same room but not once speak directly to each other.  Maybe now they can find a way to be friends and stop trying to force a ‘hey honey i’m home’ marriage on themselves.  Let’s be practical America, we saw this coming.  Let’s give them the opportunity to work out their demons and make the best of what they have for their kids. I am not in anyway condoning their behavior, the show going on or supporting the drama. I personally think they should shut off the cameras and move on with mending their broken dreams. But the bigger issue here is that we are all human and not one of us is perfect, ever. So they’ve made their bed, now let’s let them sleep in it…alone.

Better luck to the Masche family, *yeah right* here’s hoping they don’t sucuumb to the same fate.


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  1. MPC

    People always talk about how the divorce rate is so high in this country. Well remember in the 1950s, when no one got divorced, abuse and depression were huge, they just didn’t talk about it. People were miserably married in the 1950s. The divorce rate is a product of the fact that these people cannot be married. Now, I think Jon and Kate caused the divorce by being on TV and capitalizing on their children, but that doesn’t mean that some divorce can be good.
    I will never get a divorce because I would never do a reality show with my wife. And she’s so damn pretty, it would be a step down to go with anyone else.

    – MPC

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