Rue La La La lalalalala….

I’m a shopper. I like to consider myself a ‘splaver,’ meaning I’m tempted by the deal, not the product. Example: Oooo this crappy blue dolphin sculpture retails at $1000 but is totally on sale for $150, it’s a must have! Okay that’s extreme, but you get the idea.  However, I would like to take a moment to rave about the most amazing, shoptastic discount site I’ve met in a while:

Rue La La

Check it out! Great boutiques open everyday at 11:00AM EDT sharp and you have roughly 3 days to shop the boutique before it closes. But word from the wise, if you’re serious about an item, you need to purchase when the boutique first opens because quantities are limited.  Myself and my friends have discovered several steals, so take a moment and check it out!


Also check out these other cool sites:


Shop it to me

Who says fashion can’t be a bargain! Enjoy and happy visa and mastercarding. 😉


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