Beauty and the Beast of a Price Tag…and other rants by Belle

I’m in marketing, as you all know, so I find myself always at the temptation to try new things….just to see if the claim is really all it pretends to be.  Given this, I have no real loyalty to any products in my life (I’m, of course, very loyal to friends and family).  Not even *GASP* a Coke vs. Pepsi loyalty…which if you’re a Southerner you know this is determined by what is served at your team football stadium.  I’m sold by the coupons, the commercials, and sadly, even the pretty packaging.  Pretty much, if my CVS or Shaw’s card says you’re buy one get one free, I’m yours. How does this translate to my beauty regimine? True tradition in the South is to ALWAYS be groomed and glittering—ready for a spontaneous tea party, charity event or tailgate (in the South tailgating means putting on your best attire, hair and makeup) But in my days in the North, mostly due to the crappy weather, I’ve laxed a bit on my Southern Fried ways.  Shame on me.  However, as I mature (or something) and fall into a more settled ‘style’ I’ve decided to once again start taking supreme care of my hair and skin regimine. This means SPF everyday (I’m as pale as they come), a 3+ step cleansing routine and of course the best shampoos, products and accessories. But all this comes with a hefty pricetag. Enter the Beast. (usually in very pretty packaging)

To add to this, my hair is like the freaking superman of hair. Not a complaint, but my recent hair appt revealed that I had grown 2 inches in just 5 weeks. Normally not a problem; currently a disaster considering I’m trying the ‘cute bob’ and well, frankly, it’s just too darn expensive! My latest desired investment: Bumble and  Bumble Jojoba. I made the mistake of testing it out. Loved it. So did my hair. Le Sigh. Don’t I owe it to my hair to feed it lovely, silkening, light-weight, yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner? It works so hard to maintain shape and shine all day, every single day. I’m on the fence, but one foot on the ground of purchase.  I shall catch up in a later post (in which I will have fabulous, bouncy, shiny wonderful lucious locks).  Just don’t tell Mr. PC if you catch a glimpse of the pricetag! 😉

Next on my list: A fabulous hair dryer that adds lift and volume, and drys in half time. Any suggestions?

Rando Rant: Jon & Kate + 8. Belle’s view—–> get off the freaking TV and put your family back together! Stop hanging around with young women! Stop being nasty about your husband in the public eye! Focus on your kids and their well-being. Family first ALWAYS. Fame, TV, and yes, even fancy haircare, SECOND! End rant.


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