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Because The “More Fat Than McDonald’s Could Even Begin to Imagine” Factory just doesn’t have the same ring…

Warning: If you delight in the indulgence of a delectable piece of creamy dessert from the Cheesecake Factory, you may want to avert your eyes because this is gonna hurt…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but holy crap, I found the most shocking website yesterday and just had to share for fear of being held accountable for all the clogged arteries bound to accrue from ignorance. So consider yourself warned!


Potential Results of Gorging Regularly on Cheesecake Factory

McDonald’s has NOTHING on The Cheesecake Factory!!!  The web site below provides hard copy scans (apparently CF is reluctant to provide calorie info, and after reading it who can blame them?) of the calorie, fat, sodium and carb contents of their entire menu.  Ugh, even many of their SALADS have nearly an entire day’s worth of calories! And if you’re a pasta fan, get ready to fast a day-and-a-half after eating the 2300 calorie Pasta Carbonara w/ Chicken….either that or prepare to run that 10 miler the day after!

Don’t get me wrong, I try to eat healthy, but I also have a MASSIVE sweet-tooth and love to indulge it from time-to-time.   But I’m just not sure if even the Chocolate Tuxedo Creme Cheesecake, which I recently partook in a couple of weeks ago, is worth the 934 calories that is now attached to my ass.  Suddenly a Skinny Cow Sandwich seems incredibly appealing…

Cheesecake Factory Calories

p.s. The Calorie Lab also provides estimates of how many calories you burn during daily activities, both exercise and day-to-day stuff.  I must say, I thought the sexual activity calculation would be a tad higher…. Calorie Counter

~DC Darlin’


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America, why do we care so much?

I have a question, surely its on everyone’s mind already. Why, America, do we care so much about the fate of Jon and Kate? I know that to most its probably the ‘Plus 8’ that truely own the bulk of our attention, but its time to do this family some good and stop caring so much.  The season opened on a media storm of accusations and finger-pointing. Quickly America divided, as it usually does, for Team Jon or Team Kate and here we are, confirming what we all saw coming long before the ‘big announcement.’  These people are clearly at a crossroads and are hurting very badly.  I’ve heard the opinions, and to some I agree, but at this point, does it really matter who’s to blame? The fact is: parents divorce every single day in this country. It seems as though Jon and Kate have reached a point where they’ve grown so far a part that even their children aren’t enough to keep them together. I am deeply saddened, but perhaps it is for the best.  I am very blessed in that there is no divorce in my immediate family at all, so I can’t comment as to what a divorce can do to a family. BUT it has to be better than seeing your parents fights splashed all over the tabloids everytime you walk into a grocery; or having your parents in the same room but not once speak directly to each other.  Maybe now they can find a way to be friends and stop trying to force a ‘hey honey i’m home’ marriage on themselves.  Let’s be practical America, we saw this coming.  Let’s give them the opportunity to work out their demons and make the best of what they have for their kids. I am not in anyway condoning their behavior, the show going on or supporting the drama. I personally think they should shut off the cameras and move on with mending their broken dreams. But the bigger issue here is that we are all human and not one of us is perfect, ever. So they’ve made their bed, now let’s let them sleep in it…alone.

Better luck to the Masche family, *yeah right* here’s hoping they don’t sucuumb to the same fate.


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Metro Fare: $2.70. Early Morning Starbucks: $5. Standing in Line to Purchase a Discounted (i.e. my only) Pair of Jimmy Choos at H&M this November: PRICELESS (or appx. $50)

Best. News. Ever.

Thankfully even Jimmy Choo can’t escape the economic downturn.  That’s right, H&M announced today that it is collaborating with the famed shoe designer on a line of women’s and men’s clothing and accessories to be sold exclusively at H&M.  So if you’re lucky enough to live near one of the 200 stores to carry the line, get ready to camp out early when the line launches on November 14!!!


~DC Darlin’


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Rue La La La lalalalala….

I’m a shopper. I like to consider myself a ‘splaver,’ meaning I’m tempted by the deal, not the product. Example: Oooo this crappy blue dolphin sculpture retails at $1000 but is totally on sale for $150, it’s a must have! Okay that’s extreme, but you get the idea.  However, I would like to take a moment to rave about the most amazing, shoptastic discount site I’ve met in a while:

Rue La La

Check it out! Great boutiques open everyday at 11:00AM EDT sharp and you have roughly 3 days to shop the boutique before it closes. But word from the wise, if you’re serious about an item, you need to purchase when the boutique first opens because quantities are limited.  Myself and my friends have discovered several steals, so take a moment and check it out!


Also check out these other cool sites:


Shop it to me

Who says fashion can’t be a bargain! Enjoy and happy visa and mastercarding. 😉

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Oh the Life and Times of the ‘Burbs

If you’re from DC and haven’t seen this yet, you obviously have dial-up.  If you’re not from DC, I wanna hear your input…do folks in other cities have odes to city neighborhood life?  If not, this should inspire you to get those creative juices flowin’…

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Bless this Southern Woman’s Heart

A dear friend has just recommended the following: Hilarity from an honest Southern woman. I will promptly be checking these out. Just check out the titles:

Bless Your Heart, Tramp

We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier

Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank

Belle Weather: Mostly Sunny With a Chance of Scattered Hissy Fits


Love my heart, I’m salivating. ❤

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Beauty and the Beast of a Price Tag…and other rants by Belle

I’m in marketing, as you all know, so I find myself always at the temptation to try new things….just to see if the claim is really all it pretends to be.  Given this, I have no real loyalty to any products in my life (I’m, of course, very loyal to friends and family).  Not even *GASP* a Coke vs. Pepsi loyalty…which if you’re a Southerner you know this is determined by what is served at your team football stadium.  I’m sold by the coupons, the commercials, and sadly, even the pretty packaging.  Pretty much, if my CVS or Shaw’s card says you’re buy one get one free, I’m yours. How does this translate to my beauty regimine? True tradition in the South is to ALWAYS be groomed and glittering—ready for a spontaneous tea party, charity event or tailgate (in the South tailgating means putting on your best attire, hair and makeup) But in my days in the North, mostly due to the crappy weather, I’ve laxed a bit on my Southern Fried ways.  Shame on me.  However, as I mature (or something) and fall into a more settled ‘style’ I’ve decided to once again start taking supreme care of my hair and skin regimine. This means SPF everyday (I’m as pale as they come), a 3+ step cleansing routine and of course the best shampoos, products and accessories. But all this comes with a hefty pricetag. Enter the Beast. (usually in very pretty packaging)

To add to this, my hair is like the freaking superman of hair. Not a complaint, but my recent hair appt revealed that I had grown 2 inches in just 5 weeks. Normally not a problem; currently a disaster considering I’m trying the ‘cute bob’ and well, frankly, it’s just too darn expensive! My latest desired investment: Bumble and  Bumble Jojoba. I made the mistake of testing it out. Loved it. So did my hair. Le Sigh. Don’t I owe it to my hair to feed it lovely, silkening, light-weight, yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner? It works so hard to maintain shape and shine all day, every single day. I’m on the fence, but one foot on the ground of purchase.  I shall catch up in a later post (in which I will have fabulous, bouncy, shiny wonderful lucious locks).  Just don’t tell Mr. PC if you catch a glimpse of the pricetag! 😉

Next on my list: A fabulous hair dryer that adds lift and volume, and drys in half time. Any suggestions?

Rando Rant: Jon & Kate + 8. Belle’s view—–> get off the freaking TV and put your family back together! Stop hanging around with young women! Stop being nasty about your husband in the public eye! Focus on your kids and their well-being. Family first ALWAYS. Fame, TV, and yes, even fancy haircare, SECOND! End rant.

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