Today’s post is sponsored by the letter P…(and dedicated to a big poophead)

I’ve been asked to create a more ‘intersting’ and fun blog post, so here we go. Today’s post will be sponsored by the letter “P” and dedicated to my random thoughts and rants. Please enjoy (and judge lightly–I have a purpose).

The letter “P” offers us many fun words, but the below are those words I find to lend the most controversial topics, either in meaning or actual word.

Poop: If you know me, you know I refer to poop often. I am not a disgusting person, I am a creature of habit. I believe it started as a term of endearment (yes, you read that correctly) that we picked up from a cartoon. Mr. PC and myself have kept it ever since.  But, poop raises an interesting discussion topic.  It really does apply to everything. It’s a nicer alternative for ‘shit’ and many small children find it amusing.  The other day a dear friend introduced me to the ‘poop’ emicon on gchat. My life has been changed forever. (for those of you wondering— type ~@~ into your gmail and enjoy!).  For those of you disappointed that I did not cover the topic of actual poop, please enjoy the following: poop.

Porn: What is up with these ladies accusing their men of cheating for looking at Porn? Are you crazy—it’s a computer or magazine, not a woman. Ladies, wake up. Would you rather him sneak a peek at a video/picture, or go out and partake in the actual action?  I know Mr. PC would never cheat (I know many ladies say this, but he just isnt’ the type. Jewish guilt.) but if he would like to look at porn (and I’m 100% sure he does as a living, breathing male) then so be it.  I daydream of hottie actors, is that also a crime? I know where my heart is, and that is what matters.  I trust him; and frankly, sometimes I’m just not in the mood, but if he is, does that mean he has to sacrifice? Nope, not in my book. Have had it. Ladies, if you consider this a form of cheating, perhaps you should take a look at the trust (or lack thereof) of trust in your relationship. Sounds like you’ve got bigger fish to fry than Jenna Jameson.

Pickles: I have a love hate with pickles. I love the aftertastes the juice leaves on my cheeseburgers (so I never order without), but I hate the crunchy, slimey texture required to actually eat the pickle. I’m a weird one, with interesting food texture issues. In my book, pickles are a necessity as a garnish. And Mr. PC enjoys the fact that he can always have my extras. 🙂

Pets: I want one. I need one. But I’m terrified of committing. Again, if you know me, you know my incredible maternal instinct.  I would like to be a mother more than anything. But Mr. PC and I just aren’t ready. We want financial stability (at least more so) and at least a little settlement.  We’re well on our way, but in the interim should we get a dog? I hear mixed reviews. Some say a pet is a nice segue into parenthood. Others say if you’re going to get a dog, just go ahead and have the child. I will be debating this issue before any big decisions are made—probably will be ready for child before I’m decided on anything. haha!  Although, looking at this is rather persuading at the moment: puppy.

Poptarts: My go-to breakfast for years.  Disguised as a yummy breakfast creation, the ultimately awful for you snack that finds its way into my heart all to often. I’m on a break—I think I overdid it for a bit. Or maybe it’s the yummy banana bread I’ve been keen on as of late.  My faves, strawberry (with frosting, DUH!—aren’t they the prettiest?) and s’mores.  I eat them cold, no crust. Though I hear that they are engineered (creepy when you realize you’re talking about food) to release their full flavor when heated.  I’m on the fence for that one.  As a child of the 80s, I am not swayed by the fancy new pastries from the frozen aisle. Back off toaster struddle, you are no pop-tart. Le sigh.

And that folks, concludes our sponsorship of the letter “P.” I hoPe you enjoyed. 🙂

Also, happy birthday to Mr. PC!! I love you.


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3 responses to “Today’s post is sponsored by the letter P…(and dedicated to a big poophead)

  1. We got a dog 7 months into marriage. Had I become pregnant at that point in time, I think I might have lost my mind. This past February we got a 2nd dog, which must be like having a 2nd child, because it is definitely more difficult w/two than with one. I love my dogs but I can leave them at home when I go to Target on a whim. Babies? Not so much. Plus dogs are cheaper 😉

  2. Doreen

    I’m with you on the porn topic, ladies if you’re so worried about your man enjoying porn – watch it with him and maybe you can enjoy it together 🙂

  3. lastpatriotinamerica12

    I love your P article

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