Diva Delinquent (when it comes to blogging); and other happenings in the Belle’s life and times

Okay I’ll start this post with an apology. I haven’t tickled the keys often enough lately. I know. I have no excuse. I won’t try to make one. I am not too cool for school. I’m sorry. We’ll leave it here. I’m back.

Secondly, I should warn you that I’m watching the American Idol pre-finale as I post this. No, I’m not a die-hard AI fan (although that I refer to it as ‘AI’ may beg to differ), I do not watch every episode, or even every season. But I like Adam Lambert, and it’s smack in between the Simpsons in syndication (which I watch) and the season finale of Fringe (which I also watch) so it just so happens I’m watching. I can’t be blamed for any typos.

So, what’s been going on in my life. Oh so much.  I’m so busy with work I can barely breath.  I genuinely like being busy, I feel accomplished, and I oh-so-much love checking off my to-do list. But due to some rather lengthly business trips I find myself catching up. But I will, I always to. But I won’t bore you with work (and no, I’m not feeding you an excuse), let’s get personal…

So, Mr. PC  and I just booked a vacation here for the celebration of our 1 year anniversary—ONE YEAR!! So let’s talk about what I’ve learned this year.  Wow, what a year it has been. In  a sense, it has been the quickest year of my life.  On the other hand, it’s been the slowest (possibly b/c I wasn’t frantically planning a wedding non-stop), but one thing is for certain, it’s been the best.  I’ve had many great moments with my now-husband. And as a true Southern Belle, I have to admit I am quite fond of the courting.  But this year I’ve learned so much about myself and about how much I can truely love a person.  Oddly enough, Mr. PC and I have fought more than ever this year.  But it’s only strengthened our relationship.  We’ve both learned how to love each other even if we’re mad, and I can say we’ve learned so much about what a good, solid marriage needs.  Mr. PC has shown me that a strong, smart man can love a strong, smart (at least I think I’m smart ;)) woman. And you can build a strong marriage through poverty (yes, he’s the eternal student, but now officially graduated and passed the bar!) and disagreements. I look forward to year two, and three, and four, and etc. and etc. and etc…

Secondly, I saw Star Trek and I freaking love it!! I’d like to publicly apologize to my father for moaning and groaning all those times he made me watch it (yes I grew up in a household with one, central TV).  Maybe it’s the fact that I love going to the movies, could be the hot eye-candy, but I’ll  happily admit that I actually like the trekkiness of it all. Sue me.

Lastly, I want a dog. Probably a year or so out. But we’re not ready for kids and I need to mother something. I’m taking suggestions. Keep in mind, it needs to be comfortable in a small apt and preferably does not take over entire said apt.


Later Y’all,

Boston Belle



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2 responses to “Diva Delinquent (when it comes to blogging); and other happenings in the Belle’s life and times

  1. Winston

    Only so I can live vicariously through you.

  2. Doreen

    I think you should get a Maltese!

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