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Darlin’ Takes a Vacay and Various and Other Sundry Items

Hey y’all, it’s me.  You may or may not recall (hopefully the former), as it has been what seems like an eon since I posted, but this is your Southern Fried Friend, DC Darlin’, at your service.  Good to see you again, too.

While my absence from the Southern Fried Blog possesses an air of tactlessness and nearly borders the line of *gasp* Uncouth, I will say that I have a perfectly logical, decent and even Southern explanation for my actions.  Last week I took a much needed vacation from city life and jetted back to my roots of L.A. for some RR&R (rest, relaxation & really good cooking).  I had a lovely week, hanging out on the Redneck Riviera, eating my weight in seafood, fried chicken and anything else my mom lavished upon me, and enjoying some much needed time with the family.  I don’t know what it is, but no matter where I go or what I do, going home from time to time is like giving my life a big tune-up.  The minute I’m home, I get back to my roots and recharge, armed with a larger piece of me to face the chaos that awaits on the other side of the plane flight back.  I hope each of you have a ‘home’ – whether a place, people, faith or otherwise – where each time you visit you leave feeling more like yourself than when you came.  No matter where that is, that, friends, is home.

Ok, enough Oprah talk, I have another item to address.  I have had a number of  Southern Fried Fans ask about my 10-mile run and just how I did it.  My first thought is, “If I can do it, trust me..anyone can!”  So I thought I’d give you my non-expert guide to loving running and getting good enough to do it an insanely long period of time… Continue reading


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America, I have a bone to pick with you.

America, what is wrong with you?? I’ll start off by saying that in the long run it is better off that Adam Lambert did not win American Idol. Now he is free to haggle with the record labels that I’m sure are beating down his door to sign him. He won’t have to sell his first born to American Idol to get out of his iron-clad contract (and yes people, Gay men can have children).  However, be that as it may, he was robbed.

I have been reading headlines that America was simply infatuated with the idea of the underdog winning. Well that is fine and dandy, but American Idol, I believe–correct me if I’m wrong, is meant to recognize true talent, a diamond in an otherwise undiscovered rough. Kris Allen is mediocre, or even good I will venture. If he strapped on his guitar and headlined at my favorite dive bar I’d give him a standing ovation every single performance. But that’s it, he’s an average guy who is good enough to impress people who aren’t paying a whole lot of attention to the talent. He’s background music—very talented background music. I give him props for his performances, and of course making it to the top. I think he deserves recognition and a firm pat on the back. But facing reality, he’s not a superstar. He just isn’t. He’s the same tired story—good, shy boy next door who ‘wows’ us all with his amazing vocals. But he’s no Susan Boyle America, he’s average Joe wearing a John Mayer mask.  I have no personal qualms with Kris Allen, he seems to be a perfectly nice and pleasant young man. Congratulations.

But he isn’t America’s winner.  It was rather obvious that the ture, raw and amazing talent is Adam. He showed us week after week that he has the vocals, the look the stage presence and the range to be what we, America, define as an American Idol.  He is daring. He is beautiful. But all that aside, he has a talent that could challenge the likes of great artists everywhere. He will be an Idol, on his own terms. And he will rock our socks off. With his emo screams and with his melodic harmonies. The recording industry will more than make up for America’s mistake. And for that I’m glad. But more importantly in this blog I want to address this issue:

I desperately hope that America (here’s looking at you cornbread America—and I can say it as a Belle) did not pass him over due to his eccentric appearance, or dare I say it, sexual orientation.  When the winner was announced it crossed my mind, then I convinced myself that seeing as its 2009 SURELY we are still not so far in the dark that we should base a judgement on someone’s personal preferences.  But then I logged onto Facebook (to advertise my outrage) and sadly read post after post referencing the ‘good Christian boy winner” or the “Fag that takes second place’ and my heart melted.  America, can we really be filled with such hate? I’m not making excuses for my fan-fave that didn’t win—if I believed (as I’m sure more than half of America does) that Kris was the better talent OF COURSE I would be okay with the decision.  But something tells me there is more at work here.  Those who are high-fiving the good “Christian boy” need to take a look at their own Christian values and realize that their very own God will condemn them to burn in Hell for hating another human—gay or not.  Wake up America, let’s keep the competition where it should be—with the vocals.  Adam will be iconic as Paula (and no, it wasn’t the drugs talking this time) said. I’m just saddened that a boy who wasn’t afraid to show America who he really was was denied a title so deservingly his. I hope that children everywhere were in bed last night and weren’t able to witness the lesson we, America–land of the free, home of the brave—sent them loud and clear.  Maybe it really is just a ‘Mad World.”

Boston Belle will patiently await Adam Lambert’s first album and watch him rise to the top.  American Idol, we are on a break, you’ve got some grovelling to do before you weasle your way back into my heart. I’m with Simon Cowell on this one, I remain seated and hold my applause. No personal offense to you, Kris Allen. 

Check this out.  


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Today’s post is sponsored by the letter P…(and dedicated to a big poophead)

I’ve been asked to create a more ‘intersting’ and fun blog post, so here we go. Today’s post will be sponsored by the letter “P” and dedicated to my random thoughts and rants. Please enjoy (and judge lightly–I have a purpose).

The letter “P” offers us many fun words, but the below are those words I find to lend the most controversial topics, either in meaning or actual word.

Poop: If you know me, you know I refer to poop often. I am not a disgusting person, I am a creature of habit. I believe it started as a term of endearment (yes, you read that correctly) that we picked up from a cartoon. Mr. PC and myself have kept it ever since.  But, poop raises an interesting discussion topic.  It really does apply to everything. It’s a nicer alternative for ‘shit’ and many small children find it amusing.  The other day a dear friend introduced me to the ‘poop’ emicon on gchat. My life has been changed forever. (for those of you wondering— type ~@~ into your gmail and enjoy!).  For those of you disappointed that I did not cover the topic of actual poop, please enjoy the following: poop.

Porn: What is up with these ladies accusing their men of cheating for looking at Porn? Are you crazy—it’s a computer or magazine, not a woman. Ladies, wake up. Would you rather him sneak a peek at a video/picture, or go out and partake in the actual action?  I know Mr. PC would never cheat (I know many ladies say this, but he just isnt’ the type. Jewish guilt.) but if he would like to look at porn (and I’m 100% sure he does as a living, breathing male) then so be it.  I daydream of hottie actors, is that also a crime? I know where my heart is, and that is what matters.  I trust him; and frankly, sometimes I’m just not in the mood, but if he is, does that mean he has to sacrifice? Nope, not in my book. Have had it. Ladies, if you consider this a form of cheating, perhaps you should take a look at the trust (or lack thereof) of trust in your relationship. Sounds like you’ve got bigger fish to fry than Jenna Jameson.

Pickles: I have a love hate with pickles. I love the aftertastes the juice leaves on my cheeseburgers (so I never order without), but I hate the crunchy, slimey texture required to actually eat the pickle. I’m a weird one, with interesting food texture issues. In my book, pickles are a necessity as a garnish. And Mr. PC enjoys the fact that he can always have my extras. 🙂

Pets: I want one. I need one. But I’m terrified of committing. Again, if you know me, you know my incredible maternal instinct.  I would like to be a mother more than anything. But Mr. PC and I just aren’t ready. We want financial stability (at least more so) and at least a little settlement.  We’re well on our way, but in the interim should we get a dog? I hear mixed reviews. Some say a pet is a nice segue into parenthood. Others say if you’re going to get a dog, just go ahead and have the child. I will be debating this issue before any big decisions are made—probably will be ready for child before I’m decided on anything. haha!  Although, looking at this is rather persuading at the moment: puppy.

Poptarts: My go-to breakfast for years.  Disguised as a yummy breakfast creation, the ultimately awful for you snack that finds its way into my heart all to often. I’m on a break—I think I overdid it for a bit. Or maybe it’s the yummy banana bread I’ve been keen on as of late.  My faves, strawberry (with frosting, DUH!—aren’t they the prettiest?) and s’mores.  I eat them cold, no crust. Though I hear that they are engineered (creepy when you realize you’re talking about food) to release their full flavor when heated.  I’m on the fence for that one.  As a child of the 80s, I am not swayed by the fancy new pastries from the frozen aisle. Back off toaster struddle, you are no pop-tart. Le sigh.

And that folks, concludes our sponsorship of the letter “P.” I hoPe you enjoyed. 🙂

Also, happy birthday to Mr. PC!! I love you.


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Diva Delinquent (when it comes to blogging); and other happenings in the Belle’s life and times

Okay I’ll start this post with an apology. I haven’t tickled the keys often enough lately. I know. I have no excuse. I won’t try to make one. I am not too cool for school. I’m sorry. We’ll leave it here. I’m back.

Secondly, I should warn you that I’m watching the American Idol pre-finale as I post this. No, I’m not a die-hard AI fan (although that I refer to it as ‘AI’ may beg to differ), I do not watch every episode, or even every season. But I like Adam Lambert, and it’s smack in between the Simpsons in syndication (which I watch) and the season finale of Fringe (which I also watch) so it just so happens I’m watching. I can’t be blamed for any typos.

So, what’s been going on in my life. Oh so much.  I’m so busy with work I can barely breath.  I genuinely like being busy, I feel accomplished, and I oh-so-much love checking off my to-do list. But due to some rather lengthly business trips I find myself catching up. But I will, I always to. But I won’t bore you with work (and no, I’m not feeding you an excuse), let’s get personal…

So, Mr. PC  and I just booked a vacation here for the celebration of our 1 year anniversary—ONE YEAR!! So let’s talk about what I’ve learned this year.  Wow, what a year it has been. In  a sense, it has been the quickest year of my life.  On the other hand, it’s been the slowest (possibly b/c I wasn’t frantically planning a wedding non-stop), but one thing is for certain, it’s been the best.  I’ve had many great moments with my now-husband. And as a true Southern Belle, I have to admit I am quite fond of the courting.  But this year I’ve learned so much about myself and about how much I can truely love a person.  Oddly enough, Mr. PC and I have fought more than ever this year.  But it’s only strengthened our relationship.  We’ve both learned how to love each other even if we’re mad, and I can say we’ve learned so much about what a good, solid marriage needs.  Mr. PC has shown me that a strong, smart man can love a strong, smart (at least I think I’m smart ;)) woman. And you can build a strong marriage through poverty (yes, he’s the eternal student, but now officially graduated and passed the bar!) and disagreements. I look forward to year two, and three, and four, and etc. and etc. and etc…

Secondly, I saw Star Trek and I freaking love it!! I’d like to publicly apologize to my father for moaning and groaning all those times he made me watch it (yes I grew up in a household with one, central TV).  Maybe it’s the fact that I love going to the movies, could be the hot eye-candy, but I’ll  happily admit that I actually like the trekkiness of it all. Sue me.

Lastly, I want a dog. Probably a year or so out. But we’re not ready for kids and I need to mother something. I’m taking suggestions. Keep in mind, it needs to be comfortable in a small apt and preferably does not take over entire said apt.


Later Y’all,

Boston Belle


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Darlin’ Update: 10-Miler…Check!

topbannerSo if you’ve been following our Southern Fried lives for an extended period of time, you’ll recall that I mentioned my new reason to eat whatever I wanted…the GW Parkway Classic 10-Miler!  Well the big day finally came last weekend, and let me tell you, if you want a high that lasts for days, a race is the way to go!  It is by far the best sense of accomplishment I have had in a looong time!  I most definitely want to keep it up and run another race some time soon.  I highly suggest to anyone looking to strive for a higher degree of health, whether that means getting into shape or just steppin’ up your game, to sign up for a race.  It is an awesome way to give yourself a goal to work towards! The feeling you’ll get after crossing that finish line is worth every sweaty, exhausting mile you put into weeks beforehand in preparation for that day.  And if you need a racing buddy, you know one Darlin’s who’s willing to step up to the challenge!

~DC Darlin’

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