Uncouth Moment of the Week: NBC Gets More Desperate, ‘The Blag’ Gets More Pompous

Who knew either of these cases where even possible?!?  I swear nothing surprises me these days.  It seems NBC has stooped to an all new low, announcing that Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been asked to star in the network’s upcoming summer reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. And The Blag, in true narcissistic form, has accepted pending court approval.   I can’t figure out which is more absurd: the audacity of Blagojevich to capitalize on his alleged criminal acts in public office or the desperation of NBC to try to keep all seven of their viewers (and perhaps earn a few more) by stooping to such a ridiculous level.  Either way, let it be a lesson learned: never compromise your brand, reputation, or in The Blag’s case, what reminent of sanity you have left, for popularity or money.  It always backfires, and in the end you’ll probably end up more hated and poorer than you were to begin with.  I for one have become suddenly elated at the thought of watching reruns on ABC all summer!

~DC Darlin’


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