“Hey Skinny Bitch, have a doughnut!”

With all this buzz about Tori Spelling weighing something crazy like -120 pounds, its hard to escape the reality that skinny bitches are ruining it for the rest of us. (rest=normal)  Firstly, do celebrities (or non-famous skinny bitches) think it’s attractive to look like you could get the shit beat out of you by a ‘light summer breeze.”  For the sake of my sanity, I hope the answer is no.  We’ve seen it happen, beginning when Kate Moss and other ‘heroin chic’ models decided to stop eating. (as a side note—they make sure to exploit the fact that they can miraculously eat any effing thing they want and still be a waif (cough cough *yeah right that’s called bulimia* cough cough).  So go ahead, rub in your good ‘genes’.   But seriously, take a look at today’s Tori:

tori1*image compliments of perezhilton.com

Is this really what we as a society want to advertise as being ‘attractive’?  I think not.  Think about the message we are sending the youth of America—now, think about all the effort and UNHEALTHY habits it takes to look like this.  Not good. Isn’t the economy enough to worry about??  What’s worse is the fact that there are men who are catching on and with the ’emo’ trend are touting thier own size 0 jeans. This ‘manplex’ is seriously doing some damage to the dating cycle. Who wants a guy with smaller ‘love handles’ than a 5 year old? Not me. (for the record, Mr. PC is a very fit and firm man with a fabulous, yet MANLY, body)  As a southern girl, bred and raised to believe that curves make a woman, I feel a serious reality check is in order. Yes, I am aware that portions of this country (mostly in my neck of the woods where fried foods are a staple) are in serious need of healthy diets, and , yes, obesity IS a thriving issue.  BUT, impressionable youth should not be encouraged to believe that the alternative is to look like Tori.  A few years back, Dove released an ad campaign targeted at ‘real woman.’  I think we need to sing praises a little more about the realistic ‘normal’ and stop setting the bar so low.  Jessica Simpson is not and should not be harrassed publicly for being a size 2 verses a 0. A size 2 does not make you fat.  Le’ts bring back the average and flip the scence to commend people who are normal  and healthy.  I do hope that Tori is not terminally ill, and I apologize whole heartedly if that is indeed the case.  But if not, here is my advice…

Take your skinny as to Dunks and have a doughnut. Please, we beg of you!


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One response to ““Hey Skinny Bitch, have a doughnut!”

  1. Winston

    I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with getting back down to their birth weights, either. It’s pretty sick, and I’m with you in saying that women look WAY more attractive with curves.

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