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Boston Belle Hosts a BBQ…City Style

There are many things that I miss about the South. Particularly this time of year the nice weather that runs on a 2 month delay here in the North pole. But one thing they certainly got right on the East Coast is the abundance of no-work holidays.  These people celebrate everything.  Not only that, they even found a way to create a celebration inside a celebration—and get a Monday free from work!

Enter Patriot’s Day. Or affectionately known in Boston as “Marathon Monday.”  For those southerners reading, you can equate this day to opening day at the races, or the return of flag football season.  It is a glorious day; where the roads shut down and the crowds fill Beacon street to cheer and support those crazy enough to run the 26 miles up and down heartbreak hill.  Water is in full supply, as well as street vendors handing out freebies to those who aren’t too drunk to partake.  I did the cheering the sidelines once. And have every year since decided to throw my own shindig and await those who tire from the sidelines.  (This has taken the place of my festive Derby Day party that I so fondly remember from Southern days—no one seems to give a hoot up this way 😛 ).  I was feeling a bit ambitious due to the one nice day we’ve had this year and had my heart set on a BBQ.  So, Mr. PC and I ventured out to purchase a grill. A hefty $9.92 later, we were set to fry the kabobs!  Despite the 45 degree weather and constant threat of rain, we set up shop on the front sidewalk and BBQ’d away.  I was skeptical—seeing as I’m used to the huge stations set up for master grilling, and I’m not convinced that apt living is a good fit for grilling—-but I must admit, the bargain grill was a huge success!!! It handled our steak and chicken kabobs like a pro. We fully expect to get 1 to 3 more uses out of it, and that is our money’s worth 10 times over.  Lesson learned—don’t be constrained by the city! Bring a little tradition wherever you go. 🙂


The Boston Grill.  Served its purpose well.

Kabob Recipe:

Chicken cutlets, steak cutlets, green peppers, yellow peppers, pinapple–all cut up in medium size chunks

Stack and marinade in a bag with seasoning (mix italian, garlic, sage yourself—or purchase a pre-mixed) mixed with EVOO. Pour over the top and flip the bag a few times to distribute the oil.

Marinade in the refrigerator a few hours prior to grilling.




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Uncouth Moment of the Week: NBC Gets More Desperate, ‘The Blag’ Gets More Pompous

Who knew either of these cases where even possible?!?  I swear nothing surprises me these days.  It seems NBC has stooped to an all new low, announcing that Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been asked to star in the network’s upcoming summer reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. And The Blag, in true narcissistic form, has accepted pending court approval.   I can’t figure out which is more absurd: the audacity of Blagojevich to capitalize on his alleged criminal acts in public office or the desperation of NBC to try to keep all seven of their viewers (and perhaps earn a few more) by stooping to such a ridiculous level.  Either way, let it be a lesson learned: never compromise your brand, reputation, or in The Blag’s case, what reminent of sanity you have left, for popularity or money.  It always backfires, and in the end you’ll probably end up more hated and poorer than you were to begin with.  I for one have become suddenly elated at the thought of watching reruns on ABC all summer!

~DC Darlin’

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Our Southern Fried Spin on Coach Cal

So in case you haven’t scoured our site searching desperately for but a tidbit Kentucky Calipariof the glamorous lives of B.B. and myself (never fear, look no further), you may be unaware that we hail from Kentucky in some form or fashion (B.B., born and raised, and I call it a 2nd home).  And in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock since April 1st (or in true Southern fashion, you follow only football), you may be unaware that UK recently snagged Coach John Calipari from Memphis to become the Wildcats’ newest head basketball coach.

Now of course we are absolutely delighted for  Coach Cal to grace the Commonwealth, after having run off he that shall not be named, following two painfully long seasons.   But our excitement is not and should not be experienced only by UK fans.  On the contrary, all SEC fans out there have reason to celebrate the awesomeness that is Coach Cal.  So keep reading for our Southern Fried spin on Coach Cal and just why SEC fans (aka the only real sport is football fans) should be glad he’s on our side… Continue reading


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Welcome to “The American ‘Marketer’ Place”

I remeber anxiously awaiting the mail so that I could peel through every inch of every page of my new “The Pleasant Company” catalogue.  Growing up in a small town where Wal-Mart and Kroger are the staples, you can imagine my excitement at the beautiful, glossy doll catalogue. I remember the summer my neighbor and I decided to save money for our own dolls—at the time, a whopping $82 dollars.  That was going to be a challenge, saving up more money than a 7 yr old can imagine.  I remember the endless southern summer days risking it in the hot sun to sell lemonade at 10 cents a cup to the visitors of my neighbors family machine shop.  Then popcicles, and we even tried to make freshly sqeezed grape juice (it’s bitter for those of you looking to try).  Slowly but surely we made our way to our goal, coming into the homestretch with a $50 donation from our parents who noticed our hard work and dedication.  And then the glorious day that my Addy arrived. All shiny and new in her red box with the big white star. She was beautiful. And perfect. Every little girls dream, what more could I ever ask for?…

And then this weekend I took my five year old neice to the American Girl Place on 5th ave in NYC and I realized that I sincerely got jipped.  Continue reading


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“Hey Skinny Bitch, have a doughnut!”

With all this buzz about Tori Spelling weighing something crazy like -120 pounds, its hard to escape the reality that skinny bitches are ruining it for the rest of us. (rest=normal)  Firstly, do celebrities (or non-famous skinny bitches) think it’s attractive to look like you could get the shit beat out of you by a ‘light summer breeze.”  For the sake of my sanity, I hope the answer is no.  We’ve seen it happen, beginning when Kate Moss and other ‘heroin chic’ models decided to stop eating. (as a side note—they make sure to exploit the fact that they can miraculously eat any effing thing they want and still be a waif (cough cough *yeah right that’s called bulimia* cough cough).  So go ahead, rub in your good ‘genes’.   But seriously, take a look at today’s Tori:

tori1*image compliments of

Is this really what we as a society want to advertise as being ‘attractive’?  I think not.  Think about the message we are sending the youth of America—now, think about all the effort and UNHEALTHY habits it takes to look like this.  Not good. Isn’t the economy enough to worry about??  What’s worse is the fact that there are men who are catching on and with the ’emo’ trend are touting thier own size 0 jeans. This ‘manplex’ is seriously doing some damage to the dating cycle. Who wants a guy with smaller ‘love handles’ than a 5 year old? Not me. (for the record, Mr. PC is a very fit and firm man with a fabulous, yet MANLY, body)  As a southern girl, bred and raised to believe that curves make a woman, I feel a serious reality check is in order. Yes, I am aware that portions of this country (mostly in my neck of the woods where fried foods are a staple) are in serious need of healthy diets, and , yes, obesity IS a thriving issue.  BUT, impressionable youth should not be encouraged to believe that the alternative is to look like Tori.  A few years back, Dove released an ad campaign targeted at ‘real woman.’  I think we need to sing praises a little more about the realistic ‘normal’ and stop setting the bar so low.  Jessica Simpson is not and should not be harrassed publicly for being a size 2 verses a 0. A size 2 does not make you fat.  Le’ts bring back the average and flip the scence to commend people who are normal  and healthy.  I do hope that Tori is not terminally ill, and I apologize whole heartedly if that is indeed the case.  But if not, here is my advice…

Take your skinny as to Dunks and have a doughnut. Please, we beg of you!

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