A discounted ‘taste’ of Boston…Restaurant Week has arrived!

Ah, March is such a welcomed month all around, but particularly in Boston. First and foremost, March brings with it St. Patty’s day, and with that the BIGGEST celebration outside of Ireland.  I didn’t partake this year, in part because it was a Tuesday, but mostly because I’m not cool enough to hang with the drunken college kids decked in green anymore (or I don’t want to?).  We also enjoy the first official day of Spring, even if that means 30 degree weather and the threat of snow in Boston (yes, we’re that lucky), and of course, March Madness and the endless bracket pools and profanity at losses, upsets and triumphs.  Seeing as my alma mater managed to lose a bid to the tourney for the first time in 17 years, I also decided to sit that one out this year (no bitterness in my tone here, blargh!).  But there is one thing I could NEVER sit the bench for, enter, Boston Restaurant Week! 


Many cities participate in their own version of restaurant week, but for those of you who don’t know, restaurant week is a phenomenal occasion in which Boston’s otherwise unaffordable-to-the-rest-of-us restaurants open their doors to the masses with a menu sampler at fixed prices.  A three course lunch will run you $20.09 and a 3-4 course dinner will break the bank at a whopping $33.09.  This presents an opportunity to test Boston’s finest at a fraction of the menu price.  Of course, a few snooty waiters will not hide the disappointment in their voice when you request the prix fixe menu, but all in all it is an experience with fantastic service, outstanding food and a bill that won’t cause a premature heart attack.  Occuring 2x a year, restaurant week could not be more welcomed in this poor excuse for an economy, and I’d venture to say that even restaurant owners are breathing a little sigh of relief to see their door hinges still in use.  As a marketer, I have to commend the creative thinker who once contrived the idea of opening the doors to the not-so-regular clientele as a means of advertising—because as they say, you never know what 5 years will bring (ahem, hedgefund hotshots now clamaring like the rest of us). So Bostonians, if you haven’t already, get online and book yourself a welcomed treat to usher in Spring (who cares about the waistline, you always have summer 🙂 )

Here’s my picks this year:




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