A Shoe-a-holic’s e-Dream Come True

This may be the best thing since sliced bread.  Ladies (and smart gents who know what their ladies want) allow me the pleasure of presenting to you THE best shoe site you’ll ever know.

must-have1Recently launched musthaveshoes.com is ingenious because it groups shoes by types rather than brands, making it more intuitive to what we gals are looking for  when we shop.  So  when all you want is a comfy pair of dress shoes, you need only click on one link to find them.  Moreover, they only maintain a select list of designers and brands so that a search for black pumps doesn’t bring up 900 pairs like on Zappos.com.  shoe2And the BEST part of it all?  Their shoes are reasonably priced!!!  Even in this blah economy, you can find a super cute pair of footies for under $50.  Case in point:  my soon-to-be new work shoes above.  So spread the word…even you, guys!  Your girlfriends will thank you!

Happy shopping!

~DC Darlin’

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One response to “A Shoe-a-holic’s e-Dream Come True

  1. Dinah

    This site was made for me! Thanks for posting it for all of us shoe-a-holics!

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