Wisdom Beyond Her Years…

So, since I suggested this test to BB, I thought it was high time I actually took it myself.  So without further ado, below are my top five character traits in the scientific opinion of The VIA Institute on Character.  I’ll leave it up to my Southern Fried friends out there to judge its validity.  Regardless, I’d suggest everyone take this test, especially when you’re having a down day.  Having your strengths given to you can be quite motivating!  I mean, it’s not every day that one is told that her friends think of her as a wise sage!  Thanks y’all!  Kidding, kidding…

Your Top Character Strength

Perspective [wisdom]
Being able to provide wise counsel to others; having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself and to other people
Perspective (wisdom) – Although you may not think of yourself as wise,wisdom your friends hold this view of you. They value your perspective on matters and turn to you for advice. You have a way of looking at the world that makes sense to others and to yourself.

Your Second Character Strength

Social Intelligence [emotional intelligence, personal intelligence]
Being aware of the motives and feelings of other people and oneself; knowing what to do to fit in to different social situations; knowing what makes other people tick Social intelligence
You are aware of the motives and feelings of other people. You know what to do to fit in to different social situations, and you know what to do to put others at ease.

Your Third Character Strength

Citizenship [social responsibility, loyalty, teamwork]
Working well as member of a group or team; being loyal to the group; doing one’s share
Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty – You excel as a member of a group. You are a loyal and dedicated teammate, you always do your share, and you work hard for the success of your group.

Your Fourth Character Strength

Treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice; not letting personal feelings bias decisions about others; giving everyone a fair chance
Fairness, equity, and justice – Treating all people fairly is one of your abiding principles. You do not let your personal feelings bias your decisions about other people. You give everyone a chance.

Your Fifth Character Strength

Letting one’s accomplishments speak for themselves; not seeking the spotlight; not regarding one’s self as more special than one is
Modesty and humility – You do not seek the spotlight, preferring to let your accomplishments speak for themselves. You do not regard yourself as special, and others recognize and value your modesty.

Taking a queue from trait #5, I won’t pontificate upon these newly discovered strengths.  I’ll only say that I’m glad my “Uncouth Moments” have received scientific confirmation that I pseudo know what I’m talking about.  Speaking of, the next edition of the “Uncouth Moment” will be out soon!
~DC Darlin’


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2 responses to “Wisdom Beyond Her Years…

  1. Boston Belle

    This is Boston Belle’s husband. Wisdom??? Wisdom doesn’t forget to return someone’s call when he is in DC!


  2. DC Darlin'

    AAAAHHH I’m sorry!!!!! You’re right, I totally forgot!!! Yeah, that’s not wisdom, that’s alzheimer’s.

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