My New Excuse to Indulge in the Best Junk Food I’ve Ever Tasted

So when I said that I’d be back with a vengeance after I moved, I neglected to factor in the first few weeks of madness that occurs when one is moving into a new home.  Now that I have 90% of the pictures hung, I finally feel somewhat settled-in enough to resume normal life, which of course includes giving you a welcome break from your day.

Now if you’ve been procrastinating regularly, you’ll recall that one of my decisions in January was to focus on losing 12 pounds. Since then, I have made a concerted effort to exercise regularly and eat healthily (and in the comfort of my own home, although my 2nd decision has taken me a bit more time to nail down).

But while I have been hitting the gym on a regular basis, I still wanted something to jolt me into tip-top shape.  Enter the George Washington Parkway Classic 10-miler!  On April 26 I will be joining thousands of people at Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon, for 10 wonderful miles up the scenic GW Parkway.  Yes, you read it correctly…I did say wonderful.  Ever since I decided to live a healthy life, I have grown to love running.  But save for a couple of 5K’s, I have yet to run a race that requires me to take my physical stamina to a new level…until now, that is.  Last week was my first training week, and I loved it!  It’s been so refreshing to get outside and run off my problems and worries, not to mention those extra pounds too…well sort of.

My new fitness project has also led to me taking, um, culinary liberties in my diet.  Case in point: today, after lounging around the house for most of the day, I decided that not only did I want to take a long run, but in an effort to feed my recent craving for a great burger, I decided that my end destination would be an inaugural trip to Five Guys, DC’s acclaimed and beloved burger joint.  For the past year and a half, I have postponed this obligatory trip to this fast food heaven, which my friends and coworkers have berraded me for avoiding thus far.  I always claimed that it was too greasy of a meal to indulge in unless I was a. extremelyfive-guys-original-log1 hung over or b. engaging in extreme physical exertion.  Well, today I considered a previous night of five-guys‘drunken game night’ and a 10-miler training session worth the visit.  And was it ever!  I made the most worth-while 4-mile run of my life because that meal was MMM, MMM, GOOD!!!!  The succulent beef patty on a sweet bun with fresh toppings, coupled with fresh-cut cajun potato fries could possibly be God’s gift to the end of a long run.  Granted, it definitely won’t help me lose that last 12, but a trip to Five Guys is one in which I intend to sparingly make from here on out when I have busted my ass and need a heavenly indulgence.  This, friends, is movtivation.

~ DC Darlin’


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