A Romantic Venue for a Cliché Holiday

I work in marketing. All day, every day I stratagize ways to get the buzz going, to grab attention and to build a brand so powerful that you’ll make a top-of-mind purchase decision without even consciously knowing.  If you succeed at this, you have done a bang up job.  Having said this, I’d like to meet the creative genious behind the modern day Valentine’s Day.

As a behind the scenes marketer, you’d think I’d know better than to fall for the chinsy glitz and commercial holiday that is February 14th. But I don’t.  I don’t know why we expect that a random day in February will conjure up more love for your honey than any other day of the year. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl? Maybe it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic? Or maybe (probably) I’m just a sucker. Regardless, I expect a mushy card, a few sappy handwritten words and some sort of show of affection.  I go all out with the planning for Mr. PC—bells and whistles ;).  This year, seeing as it’s our first year as Mr. & Mrs. Charming, we decides to seek out something more romantic than a dead cow (albeit fabulous) on a fancy plate. (which we did enjoy, at Grill 23, highly recommended and our favorite steakhouse in Boston).

Enter the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum’s Valentine’s Celebration.  A few weeks back, Mom and Dad PC came to visit and we stumbled upon the museum as a Sunday activity. I immediately fell in love.  The entrance is a wonderful courtyard that is reminiscant of even the most fabulous palace.  The art is carefully arranged, but not so closed off that you feel like you’ll be sent to death for breathing too hard. Each room carries a romance and personality that rivals the most ecclectic collection. Mr. PC and I have recently become members, so we decided to partake in some of the activities outside of normal museum hours.  I have to say, it was the most fantastic Valentine’s day date!!

Cocktails overflowing, delicious food that hit the right spot, desserts that were worth chasing the waiter around to have just one more, a jazz band that was absolutely amazing, a private, romance inspired tour and a goodie bag upon departure! It was two hours of heaven, and lots of opportunity to mingle and meet new people, or find a private spot to stare at your honey with googly eyes.  We will certainly be entertaining another visit next year.  If you’re in Boston and have the chance, DO check out the museum and their warm, friendly staff. If you live in Boston, a membership might be worth your while—I promise cupid will capture your heart. 🙂

Happy  Heart Day! ❤ vday



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2 responses to “A Romantic Venue for a Cliché Holiday

  1. Mr. P. Charmin'

    Okay, whatabout the open bar? That was crazy. MPC got a wittle bitty drunky! I love you!

  2. Anne

    That’s so cool! I can’t believe I’ve lived here all these years and STILL have yet to visit that museum. Definitely must do.

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