My Lame Obsession with Crappy Music

I consider myself to have relatively good taste.  I’m pretty conservative with dress (not talking politics), certainly conservative socially, and I suppose I have a rather normal female taste in music.  I did, however, grow up idolizing a brother eight years my senior so I fell into the hairband love affair with Motley Crue and GNR. But once I was old enough to develop my own preferences, I became a lover of Sarah McLachlan, Nickel Creek, Ben Folds, Michael Buble, and the occasional ‘booty song’ from Beyonce and the like.

Then I married my husband.  A firm believer that ‘good’ music was made well before his time on this Earth and has been at a near stand still ever since.  He is gifted with the guitar and a major talent when it comes to lyrics. And a lover of Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon and other grainy voiced old-timers.  Of course I knew of Bob Dylan before I met Mr. PC, but I must say I could only name the hits.  To this day, I find myself enjoying covers rather than the original, but I have learned to appreciate gifted musicians.  Mr. PC has opened my eyes to a new collection of tunes I might have never stumbled upon.  Thanks to him, Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon are now on my most played lists.  Despite my new found tenured tastes, I still fall victim to the occasional crap top 40 tune…

Case in point—I have recently discovered that I actually like Miley Cyrus’ new song, The Climb.  Yes, yes I know. I should be extremely embarrassed to admit this as a 26 year old who finds her an annoying 16 year old celebutard, but I’m not.  I have to say, it really is more than just a catchy tune. Yes, if you strip away the studio inspired editing tricks, it’s probably as craptastic as the next average joe with pushy parents, but for what it is I enjoy it.  I also happen to enjoy Britney Spears, in all her crazy baby momma drama, spaced out glory.  Sometimes a girl just wants a catchy club song, or a sappy ballard. And in those cases, meaningful, talented artists who set their place in history for being brilliant and under-appreciated aren’t always what the doctor ordered.

Mr. PC will have a hayday with this one. I admit it. I like Celine Dion. I like CMT. I like disney music channel videos. So shoot me. My badname is Boston Belle and I have a lame obession with crappy music. Please don’t judge me. 🙂



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2 responses to “My Lame Obsession with Crappy Music

  1. Meghan

    “celebutard”… did you steal that from our beloved Perez?? 🙂

  2. angelcel

    Hehe…’celebutard’…I’ve not heard that before.
    Hey, if your music taste is crappy, mine probably is too because I can tick few similar likes. At least we’re not alone!

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