26 going on 80…but the Road Apples Rock!

Firstly, I apologize for the tardiness of my post. I have no excuse, but hopefully after reading this post, you’ll give a little sympathy to my status as a ‘weekend poster.” 🙂

It’s been a long time coming. Perhaps it’s been staring me in the face longer than I’ve been willing to admit, but it has recently come to my attention that I am no spring chicken.  I knew that officially joining the real world, post grad degree and no reason to prolong the jump any longer would force me to alter my lifestyle a little.  A 9-5 with the promise of overtime hours, as are most these days.  And then I settled down, a cute apartment (albeit small) in the 1st degree burbs (this denotes a train ride, though less than 3 miles outside of Boston zip limits). And then of course, I took the plunge and became an official ‘family’ with the marriage to Mr. Prince Charming. Despite all this, I still assumed myself part of the ‘young people.’ Boy was I wrong.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a routine. I get up at the same time everyday. I eat lunch at the same time everyday. I eat dinner within the same hour. Shower, watch TV, read a book and hit the hay all within a half hour variance each day.  I know, to some this is boring. However, I quickly learned that the 5 or so hours after work that constituted as my ‘free time’ passed very quickly without structure.  That, and the fact that I’m a complete zombie if I don’t log my 8 hours every night.  I’ve slowly watched the even younger generation (it was a hard realization that yes there was an even younger working generation out there) fall victim to a routine.  For over a week Mr. Prince Charming and I had planned on attending a friend’s show.  This show, being a Thursday night and curtain call at 10:30, was going to be a big step outside of my ‘norm.’ But, seeing as Maxwell is a dear friend to first Mr. Prince Charming, and through him myself, I was more than willing to take on the challenge. With a few preparations. Seriously, I am pathetic. Does it get better? I can imagine only worse with the additional responsibilities of children, houses, pets, etc. On Thursday, I rushed home promptly at 5PM, shoveled in some dinner, showered, and hit the couch for a nap.  And even still, with all this proactive precaution, Friday kicked my ass. To make matters work, I’m not a coffee drinker. Not only did I crash around 9PM on Friday, but I too slept in on Saturday.  Am I really that uncool? Is it possible that I have so quickly joined the ranks of the ‘older’ or even ‘old?’  Isn’t it funny that as a tween, teen and early adult you always envision yourself as the eternal young?  And then one day, a cold splash of water and a smack to the face forces you to realize that you are indeed all that you have deemed ‘older’ or even worse, ‘old’. Now, I’m not a whiney 26 year old claiming that my life is over. (and I should note that I adore my husband, and our routines and greatly look forward to houses, kids and more) I am simply admitting that I have become the person I so quickly misjudged in my youth. Le sigh.

Now, after all that whining I should dedicate this post where credit is due. THE ROAD APPLES ROCK!! If you are in the Boston area you roadapplesMUST (and that’s an order from a southern girl so don’t take it lightly) go see a show. There are many show off bands out there, covers and otherwise, who yes are good, but the very rarely do you succeed in finding a true diamond in the rough. Complete with awesome drums, guitar, an interesting and very talented lead singer and a PHENOMENAL pianist (our dear Maxwell–who I absolutely have to add not only played our wedding, but also opened for BB King), the Road Apples put on an original show with self composed and written songs.  A bluesy, funky, little bit rock sound that is out of this world (a tribute to their song surrounding Space).  I highly recommend a show. ASAP.

Listening to: Mr. Prince Charming’s Bob Dylan in the background from the album Unplugged Bob Dylan.


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