The Mother Ship Has Landed (aka the Darlin’ Went to a Ball!)

Now it just wouldn’t be right if the DC Darlin’ didn’t address what is sure to be the week of the year for our nation’s capital.  Millions converged to watch the history and grandeur as our 44th President took his oath. And I was proud to say that I, the DC Darlin’, joined with the throngs on this momentous occasion…from my living room.

Living room?!?  Hell yes, living room!!! It was freezing, and this southerner is somewhat, how should I say this, crabby when forced to muddle through millions of people in 11 degree wind chill.  I thought I would do everyone a favor by staying inside…you’re welcome.

HOWEVER, don’t think this gal would get through the Inauguration without participating in an event deeply innate to any white-glove wearing, Emily Post toting, pageant participating southern-bred lady.    Like bluegrass in a holler or UK in March Madness, I was in my element.  It’s as if the stars collided and all was right with the world but for a few short hours.

Yes, this girl went to a ball.

And not just any ball, but the historic and critically acclaimed Bluegrass Ball! And oh how it lived up to its reputation!  The food was superb, the bourbon smooth, and the stars plentiful!  Below are just a couple of pics from the night’s A-List lineup.  Among the guests were Muhammad Ali, The Temptations (who sang Happy Birthday to Ali), Ashley Judd, Evander Holyfield and not to mention all of Kentucky’s major elected officials (including my personal fav Senator Mitch Mac).  It was a night to remember, with enough laughs, dancing, bourbon and memories to make any southerner glad they didn’t have to endure freezing temperatures to be a part of Inauguration history.

~ DC Darlin’

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd

The Temptations

The Temptations

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