The Uncouth Moment of the Week

The Southern Fried Blog wouldn’t be complete without a highlight of unmannerly, crude and sometimes just plain strange behavior. Therefore I introduce to you The Uncouth Moment of the Week.  Each week we will be  telling tales of these ghastly events and providing a good ol’ southern analysis on both the “what were they thinking” aspect of the act, asmanners21 well as the “if they had any sort of couth, they might have done this” post-analysis. No one, famous or otherwise (or ourselves for that matter) are exempt from an Uncouth Moment analysis because we all know that Momma didn’t raise a heathen, and sometimes we all need a good swift kick in the ass (or a call-out on a blog) to remind of us of our manners.

Of course, in an effort to obtain the utmost in tact and decorum (and for fear of becoming a “Moment” ourselves), all names will be redacted and/or changed, unless given permission by there said perpetrator.  We also reserve the right to pull the Editor’s card and modify the story so as not to expose anyone who would otherwise be mortified if they discovered that their actions would indeed be deemed uncouth.

Our very first Uncouth Moment comes to us from  a dear friend who also happens to be my former roommate.  “Roomie,”as I’ll refer to her for the remainder of the piece, recently befriended and dated a seemingly respectable gentleman. He had qualities that any decent lady would desire…he was well-traveled, confident, moral and had an overall great personality.  And of course, Roomie, being a lady, is quite the catch.

So after being lucky enough to go on multiple dates with Roomie, this guy (to his detriment, he will later discover I’m sure) decided that things were not working out and that they should go their separate ways.  And this is fine, of course, for anyone has the right to make decisions that they deem best suitable for their lives at a particular point in time. However, it was not the decision that Mr. “Seemingly” made, but rather the form with which he chose to communicate the message.

Yes, the boy (and I say boy to mean child, tyke, immature one, etc.) issued his decision via email.


I understand that some people haven’t fully developed the ability to deal with confrontation and serious issues effectively.  I’m still working on it myself.  But this is just plain uncouth.  Unless a substantial amount of distance separates two individuals (say, like an OCEAN), it is a standard rule of thumb to deliver all intimate, personal and/or serious communications in-person, or at the very, very least by phone.  Technology is no substitute for human interaction, and if you think otherwise, you’re best off dating your blackberry.

~ DC Darlin’


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2 responses to “The Uncouth Moment of the Week

  1. X-Man

    Okay, this is going to seem really mean, but I gotta say there is a anti-male feeling here. I am a male and I can tell the type of male that would break up with a woman on email. Every email where a male broke up with a woman online, I knew from the get go this was the type of guy to do that. Women fall for the fly guy, fall for the cool guy, who plays it charming. She should date a dork. Dorky guys would never do that. Time to stop going for cool guys, go for dorks!

  2. Technology is no substitute for human interaction, and if you think otherwise, you’re best off dating your blackberry.

    D.C. Darlin’…

    I must admit that this is the funniest statement I have ever heard. It is also the most true. I am unsure of where these tykes, as you say, come from, but they certainly seem to be breeding much faster than those worth spending time with. This story reminds me a bit of Carrie on Sex and the City, and the Post-It Breakup. Sadly, this wasn’t a rerun on TBS.

    And who may I ask is this lucky man you are spending time with?

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