Just another Manic Tuesday

Have you ever had one of those days that just kicked your ass from the second your feet hit the ground in the AM? Of course you have, that’s reality, and as that wonderful little 94′ cult classic has taught us, “Reality Bites.” Usually I strike a deal with my demon day and make amends (and by this I mean I resolve to bear it with a smile and ‘shake it off’, because after all I already have issues with HBP and it’s just not worth it), but somedays I just want to curl into fetal postion and throw a hissy fit!  That is the southern girl in me.  That born right to get what I want when I want.  (Mr. Prince Charming is still learning this right by birth that we southern women bear).  Today, I should have packed it up and called it a day at 6:50 AM—seriously what the eff?? I’ll set the scene…

Boston's Real "Green Monster"

Boston's Real "Green Monster"

I live in Boston. Boston has the oldest (a.k.a. shittiest) metro system in the known world.  And if that’s not bad enough, I live on the green line—notoriously the worst. I pay them a hefty $60 a month to drive me 3 miles down the road to my job two times a day. Logically, this should take all of 20 minutes (and if you ever catch them on a good day this is the case so I KNOW they can do it) unfortunately, more often than not I find myself waiting a good 20 minutes just to CATCH the train (they swear they’re on schedule every 7 minutes—-they should buy a watch), and then suffering the cattle car for nearly an hour for the three mile trek to my office. Yes, I agree, it’s ludicrous. Mind you, I do this everyday so I’ve come to terms with my shitty transportation issues.

Enter my desk.  Nothing is worse than plopping down with the idea of enjoying a little breakfast and catch up work before the phone starts crying and the needs are never-ending and being slapped in the face with a barrage of  “Need this by 9AM” emails that were delivered to my inbox well before I even had the thought of waking up.  What’s worse, I had a meeting at 10AM, albeit coming into the office, which is a welcomed change and the saavy girl in me thought to wear jogging pants into work (this has to do with my 20 minute wait in the arctic) and THEN change into my cute business skirt.  In theory, I am brilliant. In reality, I am blonde.  Never wear navy tights and green jogging pants. You can imagine the outcome.  Nearly a half a roll of scotch tape later, I was nearly green fuzz free and ready to tackle a meeting! I’ll fast forward these parts and reserve to say it was a day.   And here I am, on the couch after battling the caloric (that’s my stove, no they haven’t made them since the 60’s, and yes, it is temperamental. We have a love/hate and I’ll get into this later) and I get to enjoy all these horrendous wannabes bite the dust on American Idol.  Good night shitty Tuesday.  Hello Wednesday!!


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  1. MPC

    LOVE THIS ONE. “Green Monster.” OMG, I am so using that!

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