Damn…I Knew I Should’ve Tried Out

The event we’ve all been waiting for has finally graced us with its presence.  That’s right, American Idol is back!  (Don’t roll your eyes, you know you raced home to catch it…either that or you ran back inside to turn on Tivo this morning).

But much to my dismay, Phoenix was slightly less than impressive!  I was hoping Season 8 would bring out the ultimate haven’t-made-it-big-but-still-making-nothing-so-still-can-be-considered-amateur performers.  But oh, did Phoenix disappoint!  Save for DeAnna from Louisville (woohoo!) and the cutey 16 year-old brunette with the throwback pipes (name to be insertedai once the AI site posts a recap…sorry, she was in the beginning, what can I say?), I truly hope the premiere isn’t a precursor to what we can expect from this year’s Idol winner (although blind Scott is absolutely heart-warming, and I just know he’ll make me shed a tear at least once this season).

Hopefully the next seven cities will deliver the caliber of talent that is only to be expected after eight years of this music mania.  I for one am fully expecting for the southern city auditions to dominate, as is typical of past seasons (I would brag, but I’ll let the record speak for itself…HELLO– Kelly (TX), Ruben (BAMA), Clay (NC), Daughtry (NC), Kelly P. (gosh, NC) and Carrie sings like it, therefore we are considering annexing her in).  But should this season disappoint, you just may see this DC Darlin’ “showin’ ’em how it’s done” next season on American Idol.

~D.C. Darlin’..OUT!


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