Decisions That Just Happen to Be Made in January

I hate the term “New Year’s Resolution.”  The very thought of it makes me want to run around like a screaming banshee (on the inside of course).  The beginnings of small knots are already forming in my stomach just thinking about it.  Not to mention the condensation slowly forming on my palms… hopefully I can finish this blog before the sweat drips in between the keys (although for the record, girls don’t sweat, they glisten…I use ‘sweat’ solely to create the scene…and yes I realize this scene is a bit unladylike in nature, but I need you to feel my pain).

I just think too much pressure has been placed on the term…both to make outlandishly lofty goals and more importantly, to keep them all year.  This is why I don’t make “New Year’s Resolutions.”  But I do believe that goals are extremely important, as I hope to progressively grow and become better with each passing year.  Therefore, I have formed a couple of goals that I just happened to have formed in January.  They aren’t outlandish, and I am most certain to fail from time-to-time, but they are personal, desirable and attainable.   I share these in hopes of giving someone the idea to maybe make a couple of ‘decisions’ of their own…that just happen to be made in January.

#1.  Lose that last 12. During Christmas break of my senior year of college, I made a definite decision to lose weight.  For the majority of my life, I have been deemed ‘thick-boned,’ ‘athletically built’ or any other term used by others as a gracious synonym for chubby.   I finally decided that Christmas, however, that I no longer wanted to live this way.  I was chubby not wpa0008lbecause of genetics necessarily, but because I loved food and hated exercise (although I’m naturally athletic…a travesty that I didn’t utilize it growing up).  So I started to eat healthy and consciously (i.e. not stuffing my face at parties or in front of the tv) and learn to love exercise, specifically running (that took months, by the way…but I stuck with it).

Four years and thirty-three pounds later, I have obtained a healthy, shapely body that I actually like.  But when I originally set out on this journey to health, I had a goal weight in mind.  And the move to DC opened a world of happy hours, networking events and bar crawls that I never had the pleasure of experiencing in Kentucky, causing my weight to fluctuate.  Refusing to be the person and size I once was, I made the decision this year to focus on losing that last 12 pounds needed to get down to my original target weight.  This may mean drinking water at happy hour and opting to dine-in instead of eat-out a few more times during the week.   But I know my body well enough now to know that I feel best when I’m  healthy and fit.         T – 12!

#2. Cook more. It’s not that I eat out all the time…because I truly don’t.  However, I have a tendency to whip up quick (albeit healthy) meals, without actually cooking much.  For example, my most used appliance in the kitchen is without a doubt the Foreman Grill, which I affectionately refer to as “George.” While George does a fabulous job of cooking the turkey burgers that I’ve been known to eat 3-4 times a week, I’m beginning to realize that George’d meat just doesn’t quite measure up to the savoriness of slow-cooked dishes.  So I’ve decided to make an effort to cook actual meals, as opposed to things I assemble in 15 minutes.

I even purchased a cookbook today to help.  I’m hoping Cooking: A cookbook1Common Sense Guide will provide simple and tasteful recipes that will ease me into becoming D.C.’s Paula Deen (minus the lard,  crisco and butter that she tends to add liberally).   Not only was it $5, but it also has a lamenated cover, which I suspect may be useful when this Julia Child in-waiting is creating edible heaven.

That’s it.  I know public literature (sermons, self-help books, blogs) tend to dole out lists in three’s or more, but I can only make a couple of decisions at a time.  If it were resolutions I had made, maybe I would’ve included a third. But then it’d be something insane, like giving up chocolate.

~DC Darlin’



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