2008’s most noteworthy (at least in my opinion)

Okay, so I openly admit that I’m stealing the theme of this post from my great friend Millie. But seeing as there are 1,000,222,333,444,555+ lists of the most ‘influential’ people that crop up this time of year, coupled with the fact that I’m mixing it up to cover all those people and things who have influenced me,  I see this as being a total different idea altogether. 🙂 So without further ado, the list:

1.  My husband (Mr. Prince Charming). Cheesy, I know. But don’t give up on me  just yet, keep reading. On August 2, 2008 I officially became Mrs. Prince Charming and yes it was the most memorable and wonderful wonderful day of my life. But I’m not giving him #1 for that reason.  Our wedding date was the finish line.  Finally, after 2 years of planning, he was rewarded with a bit of normalcy.  As any husband-to-be will note, the Bride-to-be becomes a bit of a basket case.  You’ve spent time nurturing a releationship and discovering all the reasons why you love each other so, you’ve reached a point where you recognize you not only love this person more than anything, but you can’t imagine living even one day without them (at least I hope so, in the name of a good marriage). You go through the prep work, purchase the ring and pour your heart out. And it’s all good for a few weeks, you share the glow of new excitement, talk about dreams to come. And then you choose a wedding date and it all goes to hell. Suddenly your blushing bride-to-be begins losing all sanity and attacks you with flower choices, color palets, dance lessons, hor d’oeurve selections, the perfect invitation, among other endless discussions of the “perfect” day. Although I would like to state for the record that I was no where near your typical bridezilla, I am well aware that I drove Mr. Prince Charming completely bonkers. It’s inevitable. A rite of passage before the ceremony.  I award Mr. Prince Charming with the #1 position because not only did he still show up at the alter after my badgering, but he took everything in complete stride.  He contributed when asked his opinion (although in most cases this was extended only as a ‘courtesy contribution’), and voiced his opinions where it mattered to him: food, booze and music.  He even said to me at the wedding that he appreciated all my hard work in giving us the perfect day.  My love for him is beyond words in a blogposting, but it’s things like this about him that remind me that he really is my Mr. Prince Charming.  (okay, the sap ends here, I promise)

2. YouTube.  Come on, youtube rocks your world too.  Where else can you see quirky, cute and sometimes over the top videos.  I enjoy the email chains and IM links that allow me to take a break in my busy day and have a laugh. I also enjoy being able to actually watch the occasional music video since video channels (MTV, VH1) rarely ever play music these days (what’s up with that??).  This year along I’ve rediscovered the Holiday Claymation series, videos from long past, and parodies that leave me running to the bathroom from laughing so hard. So thank you youtube for allowing my joyous and comical stories in visually stimulating video format.

3. Beyonce. Now, not all things Beyonce are worthy of this mention, but certainly her song “Single Ladies.”  Not since Bootylicious have I enjoyed such a catchy tune from the likes of her genre. But even beyond the catchy lyrics and rythmic music, this video has inspired many enjoyable copy cats that bring me much joy.  Namely, the adorable three year old who shockingly shakes it better than most adults, the quirky die-hard fan who clearly gives his hips plenty of work-out, and the lovely ladies of the ‘big girl remix.’  I don’t make it to the club too often these days, but I can guarantee my next visit will surely find me shakin’ it to this song.

4. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. I haven’t watched an actual episode of SNL in years, way back when it started to lose it’s humor.  I award this duo #4 because not only was I shocked as a deer in headlights to see how well they actually performed Beyonce’s Single Ladies (mentioned above), but for providing much amusement at Mr. Prince Charming’s family Thanksgiving dinner.  Typical of my life to discover this video from my Mother-in-Law (I’m that lame these days).  I commend this daring duo for donning dance duds and shakin’ it for all to see. If only SNL would realize that it’s humor died long ago and revert back to the good ole’ days. Maybe if they stop booking lipsynching hoe-downs we could see the light…

5. My Sister-in-Law.  If you’ve ever met my sister-in-law this one speaks for itself.  She is the mother of three children (the most adorable children on the planet, no contest, I might add) 5 and under and I swear she has a secret for containing her stress.   Her kids are well behaved to begin with, but any mother toting around 5 tots has to lose it at some point. Yet despite the sibling bickering, the never-ending mess of toys and the whining, she carries herself with as much grace as a mother of none. I’ve yet to discover her secret, but I can imagine it has something to do with her unbelievable love and respect for her children.  I admire her ability to live her life both as a mother as well as a independant woman. I am taking notes and learning lessons—but I’m sure I’ll have many questions when we begin our own bouncing brood.  I know where I’m going for reference.

6. Gotomypc.com.  Now, this one isn’t quite as fun as the above, but it is truely a life saver. Any web portal that allows you to access your work computer from home or elsewhere will do, I just happen to use gotomypc.  This website has truely revolutionized my life—abating my middle of the night stresses with a simple ability to grant me my desktop.  As most who know me will agree, my work tends to be hectic and never-ending (all at my office share this, so throw me no sympathy) and even though the day officially ends at 5 PM, the workday is never over.  In fact, after completing this post, I’ll probably be logging on just to ‘check’ in.  My boss often makes comments of my 10 PM emails, but it is a way of life and growing up.  Someday I aspire to leave work at work entirely, but for now I am thankful I have a means to satisfy my needs at home, haha.

7. Gap’s line of jeans and dress pants.  This year Gap provided me with unbelievably good fitting pants.  For me, this is something truely amazing. For a 5’2” girl who is NOT a size 2 or under, finding jeans and dress pants that fit well without having to practically purchase and rebuild each pair is a major feat.  In my adult years I had given up the battle and befriended a tailor.  Don’t get me wrong , it is nice to have custom fitting pants, but it is equally as nice to have the option to run in and purchase a pair off the rack that don’t  make you look like you are either wearing a chastity belt or MC Hammer pants (remember those?).  I don’t know who they had designing this year, but here’s hoping they survive the recession and keep their job for the 2009 design floor.

8. Vitamin D.  Who knew my life could be significantly improved by a little gel capsule once a week?  At my annual physical this year my doctor suspected a deficiency in Vitamin D.  If you know me, you know I’m a about a 1/2  shade darker than alabaster, so I wasn’t so concerned. But low and behold, my bloodwork indicated that my level was a lowly 14!! (35 is normal for a women my age). WHO KNEW?  I didn’t feel as though I had any deficiency, and I take my women’s daily vitamin each morning. I was a bit apprehensive at the 50,000 IUD prescription at first, but after only ONE day following my first intake I felt like a renewed woman.  My life had changed, energy that I didn’t know was missing was back with a mission.  My doctor explained that this is the case with many women living in the Northeast (go figure with all this sun we get, ha.) so perhaps it is actually he who is deserving of this spot.  Thank you Dr. Pabby.

9. Trueblood. I read the Charlaine Harris (highly recommended) Sookie Stackhouse series in the start of the year as a suppression to my depression from finishing Twilight. I know I’ll get stoned for saying this, but instantly I knew I liked this series so much more.  It is lively and completely unrealistic—which is just what I look for in a book/series.  I connected with southern charmer Sookie and as many of you know, I’m totally into the cheesy mythical creature stuff.  I fully expected disappointment when HBO announced its adaptation of the series. But although the storyline differs in many places, I am now a full fledged fan, patiently anticipating its July return to HBO.  Tune in–you’ll thank me!

10. And lastly, I reward Maybelline’s new The Colossal Volum’ Express marscara a spot on my list. What–did you think a Southern girl would actually forget to give props to all that makes her truely a ‘Belle”??  Any woman will tell you that in the battle for beauty, a truely good makeup pallet makes or breaks the look. On the top of my list is mascara–in my opinion the true holy grail of good makeup.  Finding a mascara that gives you volume (and many claim) and length without the clump and tarantula legs look is most certainly a difficult battle.  Although my makeup regimine has lessoned quite a bit since moving to the North (it’s how they roll, I can’t be blamed) the perfectly proportioned mascara is always a staple—no matter where you are in the world. Maybelline has gifted me with perfectly plump lashes without the clump and the debt to my credit card company—so to you I extend my thanks and flirty blink. 🙂

Hope this has been entertaining, bless your heart for tuning in.

-Boston Belle

Listening To: Bride Wars Soundtrack http://reelsoundtrack.wordpress.com/2009/01/09/bride-wars-soundtrack/


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    Yah. I am number 1!

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