My Favorite Doctor Becomes America’s Doctor

Fittingly, my first official post is written to extend a warm and congenial congrats to Sanjay Gupta for receiving the offer to become the United States Surgeon General!!! I say fittingly because #1 if you know me, you are well

Dr. G

Dr. G

aware that I watch CNN like it’s going out of style (yes, there are a few of us southerners who know what’s goin’ on) and #2 it’s only fitting that the DC Darlin’ should slip in a political news tidbit on her ‘inaugural’ posting (not to worry, the puns don’t stop here).  Should Dr. G accept the position, he will enter the public sector with a laundry list of accomplishments to his name, including neurosurgeon, Emmy award winner, Times columnist, national bestseller and most notably  PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive nominee.  I’ll be sure to post pics when I see him strollin’ around DC!

Ok, time for some non-Tivo Grey’s watching.

~ DC Darlin’

P.S.  Tomorrow’s episode of Oprah:  5 Things You Can Do Now to Have Better Sex (not, Not, NOT saying it’s bad now…but that’s Tivo-worthy TV right there)

P.S.S.  Notably wholesome, conservative-raised southern girl openly mentions sex…another blog for another day.



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3 responses to “My Favorite Doctor Becomes America’s Doctor

  1. Mr. Jewy

    You know, I hate to sound like a Smart-A**, but Virginia is still technically the South. You have not crossed the Mason-Dixon line yet, Ms. DC!

  2. DC Darlin'

    Editor’s Note: The D.C. Darlin’ does not claim to live above the Mason-Dixon line. Rather, her only claim is to reside within a major metropolitan area (‘the big city’ as some may say). She does, however, welcome this observation, as it has prompted yet another posting idea: Stereotypes formed based upon regional upbringing: 1. Southerners are not educated (e.g. they are unaware of where the Mason-Dixon line falls).

    Also, it should be noted that the above comment was suspected to have been made by someone that the D.C. Darlin’ knows, and she is therefore responding in witty jest. She would never want to be perceived as being ‘bitchy’ or ‘rude’ because she, being the southerner she is, strives to be congenial with everyone.

  3. Mr. Black

    Southerners, apparently, only write about themselves in the third person when responding to commentary.

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