Breaking up with Miss Doldrum(s)

Every year around this time I feel the doldrums of January beginning to creep upon me. Although always my least favorite, living in the city the past four years has proven to magnify my love/hate with winter months. And yes, I realize it is January 9th, and as my friends advise, I should probably at least try and give it a chance; but, I feel as hard as I try, it’s meant to be. My dreary relationship with winter (and in my opinion ‘winter’ doesn’t officially begin until after the holidays and champagne—it’s my rule and my Mother agrees with me so that makes it valid) has become as much a part of my life as my sassy attitude.  Just last weekend I took down the holiday decor and sealed the deal.  It’s this time of year I find myself scrambling to set resolutions I might actually keep (after 4 years of renewed and forgotten gym memberships I’ve given up. But I bought a wii fit so I’m writing it off as a compromise), trying to set goals for my life in the year to come, wiping the slate clean of those goals I didn’t meet in the previous year, and as of late I’m trying to forget that I actually had a birthday in the previous year. Among other things, I miss the friends I’ve lost touch with, great books I’ve read and put to bed, ever-so-much my family who I’ve once again departed with after a week long visit for holiday breaks, and the size 6 I took for granted in my undergraduate years.  To make matters worse, I left behind the sweet southern warmth in exchange for long underwear, gollashes and feet upon feet of snow (not pretty and white, but black ‘city’ snow).  Despite all the evidence against January I’ve decided to grant it a pardon in spirit of the election. This year I will greet January with a smile and a refreshing outlook. I will put aside the failures of 2008, the recession, the momentary bad judgement that persuaded me to give short bangs just one more chance. 2008 was phenomenal.  I tied the knot with Mr. Prince Charming (more blogs to come on this later 😉 ), gained wonderful relationships with fascinating people, got a raise (money in the bank is always welcome), got a new President (!), was gifted a car from my adorable and fantastic new Grandfather, and learned things about myself that continue to surprise me.  So today I say hello to January with a smile–well at least a cute little half smile—and reserve to give it a try.  I have 27 Januarys under my belt (I was born in October—so I’m only 26!) so this should be a piece of cake. But just in case, I have fabulous dinners, girls nights and great movie dates on the books as backup.

Until next time, bless your heart.

Boston Belle

Listening to Jackson Browne- 2004 The Very Best of Jackson Browne

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  1. Mr. Pr. Ch.

    Greatest blog ever. You are the bestest writers ever. 😉

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