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The Uncouth Moment of the Week: Obama Attempts to Overstay His Welcome, Less Than Two Weeks In

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be packing, moving, blah blah, but this is way more fun.  Thanks, Southern Fried Fans, for giving me an outlet to procrastinate.

So in case you’re reading this from Hawaii or something, you’re probably aware that most of the U.S. got pounded this week with a nasty wintry blast.  Power is still out in some parts of the U.S., including beloved LexVegas where ice enveloped the entire city (check out the pics…CNN iReport, eat your heart out!).



Now I need to preface this by saying that I find President Obama to be a fine individual, and I am excited to see him serving in the nation’s highest office.  Juuust wanted to throw that out there before you read the rest of my blog and label me with a stereotype you may have come to assume regarding southerners and their political ideology.  This site is way too mindless to be conjuring up such nonsense…we aim only to meet your southern stereotypes in the areas of manners, femininity, food and perhaps football. Continue reading


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Editor’s Note: Moving = Little Time to Write

I’m not whining, nor am I giving excuses…but it’s a fact that normal life ceases to exist when you’re moving. This weekend I’ll be leaving a spacious townhouse (due to the unfortunate foreclosure pandemonium that has wreaked havoc on homeowners, including my landlord) to a smaller, yet quaint condo further north in the ‘burbs of NoVA. And between work, packing, moving boxes and the shoddy internet I’m currently ripping from a neighbor because the roommate with the cable bill has already moved, I simply haven’t had the time to write and post my Southern Fried spin on life. Not to worry, though.  Once this move is over, the DC Darlin’ will be back with a vengeance, giving you a plethora of stories, news and thoughts to entertain you during your day!

~ DC Darlin’

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26 going on 80…but the Road Apples Rock!

Firstly, I apologize for the tardiness of my post. I have no excuse, but hopefully after reading this post, you’ll give a little sympathy to my status as a ‘weekend poster.” 🙂

It’s been a long time coming. Perhaps it’s been staring me in the face longer than I’ve been willing to admit, but it has recently come to my attention that I am no spring chicken.  I knew that officially joining the real world, post grad degree and no reason to prolong the jump any longer would force me to alter my lifestyle a little.  A 9-5 with the promise of overtime hours, as are most these days.  And then I settled down, a cute apartment (albeit small) in the 1st degree burbs (this denotes a train ride, though less than 3 miles outside of Boston zip limits). And then of course, I took the plunge and became an official ‘family’ with the marriage to Mr. Prince Charming. Despite all this, I still assumed myself part of the ‘young people.’ Boy was I wrong. Continue reading

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So Good, It Needed Its Own Post

While this story still correlates to my wonderful ball experience, it definitely deserves a post of its own.  Debuting this year at the Bluegrass Ball,  The Walk Along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail consisted of  nine or so distilleries that set up shop during cocktail hour so that ball-goers could experience a variety of Kentucky’s prized possession.  And experience we did!  I don’t think I’ve ever had so many “on the rocks, splash of water” bourbon drinks in my life…not to mention in one evening.  And a Southern Fried blog just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t give you my personal recommendations and seals of approval!

While the more recognizable (aka less expensive) brands were there (Beam, Maker’s, Wild Turkey, etc), we were quite surprised to find that Jim Beam‘s Distiller’s Masterpiece addition was quite tasty…by itself!  If you’re not a bourbon drinker, I highly recommend NOT drinking Jim Beam straight…in fact, it should be illegal.  But the Distiller’s Masterpiece was very smooth, with a hint of sweetness that made it very pleasing to the tongue.  Unfortunately it’s pretty rare (it’s not even on their web site), so I can’t post a picture.  But if you ever come across it, try it!

My top recommendation, however, is Four Roses bourbon, specifically the single barrel addition.  Owned by Seagram until recently, this concoction was actually four_roses2 the best selling bourbon in the country during the first half of the 20th century.  Then Seagram pulled it out of the U.S. and began distributing it only  overseas.  Well, duh, it took off like wildfire and is now hot-to-trot in both Europe and Japan.  Now it’s back in the U.S. and gaining ground around the nation once again.  I absolutely loved this bourbon, and it also didn’t hurt that we sat beside one of the chief executives who provided us with this interesting history about the company (shout-out to Mr. R and friends!).  Unlike me, if you’re lucky enough to be in one of their distribution areas, pick up a bottle ASAP!

~ DC Darlin’


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The Mother Ship Has Landed (aka the Darlin’ Went to a Ball!)

Now it just wouldn’t be right if the DC Darlin’ didn’t address what is sure to be the week of the year for our nation’s capital.  Millions converged to watch the history and grandeur as our 44th President took his oath. And I was proud to say that I, the DC Darlin’, joined with the throngs on this momentous occasion…from my living room.

Living room?!?  Hell yes, living room!!! It was freezing, and this southerner is somewhat, how should I say this, crabby when forced to muddle through millions of people in 11 degree wind chill.  I thought I would do everyone a favor by staying inside…you’re welcome.

HOWEVER, don’t think this gal would get through the Inauguration without participating in an event deeply innate to any white-glove wearing, Emily Post toting, pageant participating southern-bred lady.    Like bluegrass in a holler or UK in March Madness, I was in my element.  It’s as if the stars collided and all was right with the world but for a few short hours.

Yes, this girl went to a ball.

And not just any ball, but the historic and critically acclaimed Bluegrass Ball! And oh how it lived up to its reputation!  The food was superb, the bourbon smooth, and the stars plentiful!  Below are just a couple of pics from the night’s A-List lineup.  Among the guests were Muhammad Ali, The Temptations (who sang Happy Birthday to Ali), Ashley Judd, Evander Holyfield and not to mention all of Kentucky’s major elected officials (including my personal fav Senator Mitch Mac).  It was a night to remember, with enough laughs, dancing, bourbon and memories to make any southerner glad they didn’t have to endure freezing temperatures to be a part of Inauguration history.

~ DC Darlin’

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd

The Temptations

The Temptations

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We Have a LOGO!!!!

Ladies and gents may I present to you the Southern Fried Blog’s CUSTOM HEADLINE (insert clapping and cheers here)!!!!

We are very excited to have our own motif, and we owe it all to our wonderful friends in LexVegas, Graphic Artist Martin and his faithful sidekick (a dear friend and sorority sister of DCD and BB), Amy!!  We told Martin we would pimp him out whenever we could (professionally speaking) so we encourage you to check out his site:  His site will also be posted under our links, and we fully intend to place subliminal messages within our posts to remind you regularly of his incredible artwork.  Thanks Martin and Amy for all your hard work on this!!!  

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Wanted: Gentlemen Guest Contributors!

I must commend Boston Belle for providing a pleasing, thought-provoking analysis of what we ladies are looking for in our men.  Now, we feel as though we have  somewhat of a good idea of what y’all are looking for in a lady, but it would be much more fun and insightful to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.  So we encourage our  gentlemen readers out there (and I know there are at least two!) to provide your intelligent, honest feedback on what qualities you look for in a lady.  You can write us at (please, only thought-provoking, intelligent input…we’re not going to post any “she better wait on me hand and foot” kinda stuff.  And we’re both taken, so please don’t email us with your personality profile and contact info).  We’ll compile your thoughts and post them to the site.  Thanks in advance for contributing, and we look forward to hearing from you!

~DC Darlin’

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